[Recap] Here Comes the Bride – We Got Married 071313

On this episode of “We Got Married,” Jo Jung Chi and Jung In mix things up, Go Joon Hee blushes when Jinwoon takes it off, and Taemin and Son Na Eun can’t keep a straight face when they are together. 

Here Comes the Bride – This is your Soompi WGM recap!

(If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: Love makes us picture perfect.)


If I could I would totally dedicate this entire article to Jo Jung Chi and his wedding dresses, but since this couple is not as popular in Soompi, I won’t. I want to and I think he deserves it, but I won’t. This is the sacrifice I make, for you. 

The WGM couples are competing for votes to be the main pictorial, and after watching them last week prepare, we finally see how the photo shoot went. Jung In doesn’t like to wear white dresses so she proposes that they switch outfits. Jo Jung Chi has a great sense of humor and must really love Jung In a lot to go on TV in those dresses. Then again, he looked like he really enjoyed it. Maybe even guys like to feel pretty every once in awhile. 


For the photo shoot this older couple goes for classy. They’re not totally comfortable in front of the camera but Jung In has fun imagining the story behind the photos. Maybe a little too much fun, because somehow she ends up confessing that she dreamt about kissing JYJ‘s Yoochun. While the rest of us wish to be a relationship like theirs, Jung In admits that sometimes she likes to imagine what it would be like to be with someone else. It’s not just Jung In, Jo Jung Chi even jokingly mentions some famous ladies when he’s supposed to play the distant lover. Jo Jung Chi looks great in those photos, and as much as I love his Asian-fro, this snazzy new haircut works well. 


Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee are more comfortable with the camera than the previous couple. They can hardly take their eyes off of each other in their designer clothes. As spacey Go Joon Hee may be, she is a pro when it comes to modeling. Jinwoon can hold his own, and the two work the camera like pros. Jinwoon is really enjoying the couple themed photo shoot. Now he can put his hands all over Go Joon Hee, all for the sake of the pictures! When he’s not cooly eyeing the camera, he’s grinning from ear to ear. 


After all the working out Jinwoon did, it’s time to reveal his body for the camera, except he’s strangely shy. Joon Hee is enjoying the view, until she gets a good look and notices that Jinwoon’s chest is bigger than hers. Maybe he worked out a little too much? It really is a shame that they only took pictures of their backs. I can’t be the only one who was hoping to get a glimpse of Jinwoon in all his ripped glory. Right? 


Last week Taemin gave Son Na Eun his number but wasn’t holding his breath when he heard that Na Eun is known to reject phone numbers from other celebrities. Hey Taemin, those other guys weren’t her husband so you totally had a higher chance. Na Eun did end up texting Taemin, to his delight, and now we know that they are talking on the phone and texting. How cute, so much like the high school romance they deserve. It’s great that they made so much progress but how many more times will this couple be awkward every time they meet? Do you think maybe by next week they can start off comfortably instead of slowly, and painfully, building up to it?


You can tell Taemin has been looking forward to this photo shoot. It’s great because Na Eun is forced to get close to Taemin and they have to have skinship for the camera. Hm, that sounds kind of sad. Taemin can get as close as he wants for the photo shoot, but the problem is that he can’t control his expression. Taemin has been doing photo shoots for almost six years, but he acts like a complete rookie because he can’t wipe that silly grin off his face. Does holding Na Eun’s hand really make you that happy? Thanks to their natural good looks the pictures turned out well, but they could not manage to take a good picture of the two looking into each other’s eyes. Practice makes perfect!


The couples split into genders for some really classy photos. The dresses are beautiful and suits each woman really well. Jung In seemed a little insecure being in a photo with the actress and the idol, but in the photos she looks like a goddess. Na Eun’s make up was a little funky in the other photo shoot but for this one, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Taemin is one lucky guy! Actually, all the WGM guys are lucky. There’s no doubt they are going to love these photos.


Here comes the handsome! Who doesn’t love men in tuxedos? Like his wife, Jo Jung Chi looked a little nervous to be in the same photo with the handsomeness that is Jinwoon and Taemin, but the other two offered their modeling tips. Jo Jung Chi doesn’t really need Taemin’s stone cold look or Jung In’s dramatic back pose, he has his own style. At the end of their photo shoot Jo Jung Chi sneaks off to meet with his wife and downs a few glasses of champagne. There’s one more photo shoot left, and that’s the one he’s been thinking about all day. What could the liquid courage be for?


The couples meet up for one last photo shoot in their wedding outfits and Joon Hee, Na Eun, and Jo Jung Chi make really beautiful brides. Jo Jung Chi does outshine the other girls, but he can’t help his natural beauty in that beautiful white dress. Taemin and Jinwoon can’t take their eyes off this radiant beauty. Thank to Jo Jung Chi’s brave sense of humor, the final photo shoot became quite memorable.


I said I wouldn’t dedicate the entire article to Jo Jung Chi, but I can sure add one more set of pictures. These pictures were too perfect to just leave on the cutting room floor. One day I hope I can have at least a small bit of his grace and poise on my wedding day. The best news? Jo Jung Chi and Jung In reveal that they will really get married in not too far in the future. Maybe Jo Jung Chi will be able to wear a wedding dress again? 

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