B.A.P Blows Through Las Vegas in “Hurricane” MV

It’s out! B.A.P has released the music video for “Hurricane,” the second title track from their upcoming third mini album. Their first title track was the jazzy and lovely “Coffee Shop,” a sharp contrast from this title track, showing the range of B.A.P’s musical talent.

“Hurricane” was filmed in the city of Las Vegas, which according to Star News, drew a large crowd and interest in B.A.P, necessitating the presence of police for security and safety. In the music video, B.A.P wears gold-colored outfits, matching the luxurious and glittering city. 

B.A.P is set also blow a storm through Seoul with their upcoming concerts on August 17-18 at the Seoul Olympic Hall for their “B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul Wanted” tour.