[Recap] Relationships 101 – We Got Married 07.19.13

On this episode of “We Got Married,” we learn about relationships from the best (Jo Jung Chi and Jung In), the mediocre (Go Joon Hee and Jinwoon), and the completely inexperienced (Taemin and Son Na Eun). 

Relationships 101 – This is your Soompi WGM recap!

(If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: Here Comes the Bride.)


Before we start our lesson, let’s review what happened last week. All three couples competed via fashion photo shoots to win the most points. The winning couple was based on the judge’s score and how many votes they received on the internet, on the streets, and from their fellow celebrities. The winning couple would be the main pictorial in a magazine, the second place couple would win a prize, and the third would receive nothing but the experience of being in a couple’s photo shoot. 


Lesson 1 – Be Considerate of Your Partner

Jinwoon and Joon Hee won first place, Taemin and Na Eun won second, and Jo Jung Chi and Jung In was third, despite being winning the street and fellow celebrity vote. Notice how the experienced couple works together on destroying the ice sculpture, even though they are unaware that they will uncover the notice that they were in last place. They have a friendly competition to see how can break away the ice first, and even though Jo Jung Chi has fun teasing Jung In by “cheating,” in the end he allows Jung In to have the final break.

Joking around can be fun, but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of the other person (more on this later). When he reads the bad news, he quickly throws the paper into the pool so that Jung In does’t have to see it. Jo Jung Chi has proved to be a a very considerate boyfriend as he watches out for Jung In. Being considerate is one of the best, if not the best, way to show genuine love. I hope you’re taking notes, that will be on the test. 


There’s no lesson here. Taemin and Na Eun are just cute. When they find out they won second place, they excitedly share ideas on what that prize will be. Son Na Eun wants expensive steak while Taemin wants to go on a vacation so he can hold her hands. He’s still obsessed with holding her hand. At least he’s not obsessed with, well anything else. 


Lesson 2 – Think Things Through

While spontaneity may be exciting and fun, being prepared shows thoughtfulness and guarantees a higher success rate. Take Jinwoon, and his camping idea. He takes Joon Hee on a shopping trip for camping supplies. As they look through all the interesting equipment and gadgets the store has, he builds up her anticipation. Her anticipation reaches the peak when they start mentioning actual places they could go and Jinwoon promises to take her camping , when he actually means pitching a tent on their yard.

For the sake of one small lie, Joon Hee starts off the date disappointed. Then it turns out that Jinwoon has never put together a tent before and has no idea what to do. Joon Hee practically puts the tent together herself, and since she was already disappointed about not going to the mountains, her mood will only turn more sour. 


Lesson 3 – Read the Atmosphere

The term “reading the atmosphere” is the closest translation there is to the Korean word “noonchi.” Jinwoon loves to have fun and joke around, but he once he sets his mind to something he becomes oblivious to how the other person is feeling. The water gun fight is not the first time Jinwoon gets caught up in an activity while Joon Hee begrudgingly plays along. Even though Joon Hee did say she enjoyed it somewhat at the end, she looked miserable as Jinwoon happily sprayed her with his water gun. 

This does not mean that there is no room for fun and games in a relationship. If Jinwoon had noticed Joon Hee’s lack of enthusiasm, he could have suggested a game where they try to aim at a target or allow himself to be hit more so that Joon Hee could enjoy the water guns without worrying about the water washing away her BB cream.

Please be prepared to write down on the test at least two alternative activities the couple could have done in the pool.


Lesson 4 – Be Considerate in General

You may think it’ll be funny to tell scary stories in the tent your wife put up but not everyone likes scary stories. Joon Hee is too scared to even use a lighted sling slot, so it was no surprise she spent most of Jinwoon’s stories with her fingers on her ears and shrieking like a dolphin. You know Joon Hee has lost her mind when she starts withering around and messing up her hair. Jinwoon may have had fun but he didn’t have to tell two stories. He would have been considerate not only to his wife but to the audience because it would have saved our ears from her inhuman shrieking. I like scary stories and even I wanted him to stop so she would stop. 


Lesson 5 – Be Honest About Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes, which is why mistakes are forgivable. What is harder to forgive is getting caught trying to hide your mistakes. Taemin is famous for being forgetful and Na Eun admitted she can be like that too. If Taemin had mentioned in one of their phone conversations that he lost their couple phone case in Japan, she would have just laughed and not have been too upset. What Taemin does, however, is forget that his uncovered phone is in his bag and open the bag in front of Na Eun. Since he got caught trying to hide it, it now looks like he took the case off on purpose and just forgot to put it back on. Na Eun is upset, reasonably, and she stays upset for most of their date. 


Lesson 6 – Learn From Your Mistakes

Poor hand holding obsessed Taemin. He thought that going on an ice skating date was a great idea because it allows them to stay cool and gives them opportunities to hold hands. I’m sure Taemin fantasized about teaching Na Eun how to skate, holding her hands as he guides her, and then laughing as they fall on top of each other.

Thanks to his phone cover mistake, none of that happened. They skated in mostly silence, with Taemin hovering nervously behind her. Na Eun would have gotten over the incident sooner, if Taemin hadn’t kept on bringing out his phone in front of her. He even does the most embarrassing dance of “Sherlock” on the ice and falls on his back to make her laugh, which she does, but then foolishly asks her if she’s still mad at him. She wasn’t, until he brought it up. At the end, Na Eun wisely tells him the best thing he can do is let her forget about it. Hopefully Taemin will has learned from his mistake and will NEVER FORGET ANYTHING EVER AGAIN.

Not likely, but he’ll probably put together an extravagant and cheesy event to redeem himself. 

Your homework this week is a five page paper on the do’s and don’ts of a being in a relationship with a minimum of six examples from the WGM couples. 12 point font, Times New Roman, and don’t even try messing with the margins.

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