Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2013 – July Week 4

We have another new No. 1 song this week, meaning that every week in July had a different song on top of our chart. It is not unexpected as the competition is most fierce in the middle of summer. A Pink scores their first ever No. 1 song on our chart with “NoNoNo,” moving up from No. 4 last week. Despite this song ranking behind 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” on most of our sources, it has a big edge on airplay and also won on Music Bank last week. As a result, it captures the top spot this week. Congratulations to A Pink.

“NoNoNo” was involved in some plagiarism controversy though. As netizens have noticed this song’s similarity to SES’ “Just In Love” which was released back in 2001. Most pointed out that “NoNoNo” is a faster version of “Just In Love.” You can be the judge of it.

There are three new songs in the top 10 this week. As mentioned, 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” is at No. 2, moving up 10 spots from last week. This song is composed and written by Teddy and Choice 37. It is a mix of reggae and hip-hop genre. “Falling In Love” won on three of the four music shows last week but fell just short of being No. 1 on our chart. We are going to see a heavy dose of 2NE1 in the second half of 2013, as they plan to release a new single each month.

Moving up 19 big spots to No. 4 is the long awaited comeback from last year’s top rookie Ailee. She just released her second mini-album “A’s Doll House” and hertitle track “U & I” is at No. 4 this week. It was co-composed, penned, and arranged by Shinsadong Tiger and Kupa, the same team who wrote A Pink’s No. 1 song “NoNoNo.” “U&I” is a faster track than most of Ailee’s songs last year and is a song that showcases her powerful vocal. She has a good chance to battle for the top spot next week.

The last new song in the top 10 is at No. 7. Hip-hop duo Geeks is back in the top 10 with “Fly.” The song was written by the duo themselves with the help of Korea’s top producers, Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho. The song holds lyrics about being each others’ strength. This time Geeks does both the singing and the rapping on this mid-tempo relaxing tune.

Singles Music Chart - July 2013, Week 4
  • 1 (+3) NoNoNo
    • Chart Info
    • 4 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 2 (+10) Falling In Love
    • Chart Info
    • 12 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 2 Peak on chart
  • 3 (-2) BAAAM (feat. Muzie of UV)
    • Chart Info
    • 1 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 4 (+19) U & I
    • Chart Info
    • 23 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 4 Peak on chart
  • 5 (-3) My Love
    • Chart Info
    • 2 Previous rank
    • 5 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 6 (-3) Missing You Today
    • Chart Info
    • 3 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 3 Peak on chart
  • 7 (+13) Fly
    • Chart Info
    • 20 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 7 Peak on chart
  • 8 (-2) Female President
    • Chart Info
    • 6 Previous rank
    • 4 Number of week on chart
    • 4 Peak on chart
  • 9 (-1) Give It To Me
    • Chart Info
    • 8 Previous rank
    • 6 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 10 (-3) Is It Poppin?
    • Chart Info
    • 7 Previous rank
    • 3 Number of week on chart
    • 7 Peak on chart
Rank Song Artist/Band
11 (+6) Recipe Brown Eyed Girls
12 (-1) Hot & Cold Jewelry
13 (-8) All Right Kim Ye Rim
14 (new) Destiny Infinite
15 (new) Be OK (feat. Bae Chi Gi) Yoo Sung Eun
16 (+14) 미친게 아니라구요 (I’m Not Crazy) Son Seung Yeon
17 (-7) Baby John Park
18 (-9) Love Love Love Roy Kim
19 (new) 비가 온다 (It Rains) Kang Seung Yoon
20 (+11) I Like 2 Party Jay Park
21 (+4) 왜 이제야 왔니 (Why Did You Come Just Now) Jung Yup
22 (-9) 슬피 우는 새 (Sad Bird (feat. Lee Soo Young)) Outsider
23 (+3) 너에겐 들리지 않는 그 말 (The Voice You Can’t Hear) Shin Seung Hoon
24 (new) Incredible (feat. Quincy) Junsu
25 (new) 연락 좀 자주해 (Call Me (feat. Andrew Choi)) Untouchable
26 (+22) 빠빠빠 (Bar Bar Bar) Crayon Pop
27 (new) Shadow BEAST
28 (-14) 만인의 연인 (Darling Of All Hearts (feat. Harim)) Sunny Hill
29 (new) 미안 (Sorry) Junsu
30 (-9) Bad Girl (feat. E-Sens) Bumkey
31 (-13) 내 다리를 봐 (Be Ambitious) Dal Shabet
32 (-17) 비범벅 (Walking In The Rain (feat. Bumkey)) Verbal Jint
33 (-14) 짧은머리 (Short Hair) Huh Gak, Jung Eun Ji
34 (-18) 첫사랑 (First Love) After School
35 (new) 감동이 중요해 (Emotion Is Important) Juniel
36 (+2) Baby I’m Sorry MyName
37 (-8) Bye Taeyeon
38 (-11) Only You 4men
39 (-15) 두눈에. 두볼에. 가슴에 (In My Eyes) Kim Yeon Ji
40 (-18) 우리가 사랑하는 방법 (The Way We Love) Kim Yong Jun, Lee Boram
41 (new) Hurricane B.A.P
42 (new) 니가 아니었기를 (You Were Not The… (Narr. Verbal Jint)) Miss $
43 (-15) Wolf Exo
44 (new) 미쳐가 (Insane) A-JAX
45 (new) 지독한 사랑 (Poison Love) Lim Jung Hee
46 (new) 달콤하게 랄랄라 (Sweet Lalala) Melody Day
47 (new) 첫사랑 (Feat. 송하예 of 유유, 리틀에스) (First Love) Sunny Side
48 (-3) 까불지마 (Don’t Mess With Me) 2Eyes
49 (-10) 잘 있나요 (Best Wishes To You) The One
50 (-6) 초록비 (Green Rain) SHINee

About the Soompi Music Chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music charts or television rankings. It takes into account rankings by various major music charts in Korea and airplay of each song, making it an unbiased and objective tally of what’s going on in the world of K-pop. Our chart is composed of the following sources:

Air Monitor Chart – 15%
GAON Music Chart
– 20%
Various Internet charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Soribada) – 15%
Billboard Korea – 20% 
SBS Inkigayo Chart – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10%
MNet M!Countdown Chart – 10%

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