[Recap] The Greatest Gift of All – We Got Married 08.03.13

On this episode of “We Got Married,” Jo Jung Chi and Jung In battle seasickness on the beautiful island of Ulleung, Taemin renders Key speechless with his love for Son Na Eun, and Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee relive their snowy first date.

The greatest gift of all – This is your Soompi WGM recap!

(If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: You Bring Out the Best in Me.)

This recap was brought to you by a unexpected summer cold and a bottle of cold medicine. I’m sorry it’s late. Noona spent yesterday coughing in her bed.


Jung In promised a big reveal of her bare face, and it came but without the dramatic unveiling as she had hoped. Turns out Jung In looks like a regular Korean woman without make up. Jo Jung Chi supported his woman by going makeup-less too, except there was no real difference because I’m pretty sure he hardly wears makeup, even for the camera.

The two wake before dawn to catch the sunrise on a boat, but the sunset proved to be elusive. Since they are out on a boat they decide to partake in some local fishing until seasickness gets the best of both of them. Of course that doesn’t keep them from groggily eating the fish they had caught. Nothing will keep them from eating delicious food.


As they had scheduled, the musical couple head over to Lee Jang Hee‘s home on the island. The cottage is surrounded by wild flowers and picturesque mountains. Enhance the beautiful atmosphere with Lee Jang Hee’s jolly laughter and you’ve got a memorable experience. After a lovely tour of his place, Lee Jang Hee takes them to a cafe where he asks the couple to perform for him. Putting their nerves aside. the two make sweet, sweet, sexy music. It’s enough to make you forget how they look without makeup. Jo Jung Chi’s nimble fingerings and Jung In’s sultry voice combine together to make your ears tingle with pleasure. Did my cold medicine just kick in, or is it getting pretty hot in here?


Because of their busy schedules Taemin and Na Eun must spend a whole month apart. Taemin is in Japan for his arena tour, and the first thing he did was find the cellphone case that he had lost. Phew, now that it is back to never come off again, Taemin can go back to being all mushy over music videos of A Pink. He even wears a shirt to match his case.

Taemin calls over his manager (who’s name is Min Oh, not Minho) and asks him to take him shopping to buy presents for Na Eun. Taemin dismisses questions about whether he has any money, and brings along his horse mask to be able to shop freely. Ha, is he kidding? Did he dare undermine the detective powers of his international fans? The horse mask draws more attention, and it isn’t long before Taemin realizes it’s not doing him any good. When he whips it off, his fans and curious onlookers swarm around him as his poor security guards try to swat them off. Finally, Taemin says “Screw this*,” and books it. He and his manager run from the screaming crowds like a scene in the movie and take refuge in a scented candle shop. He buys Na Eun some sweet smelling candles, but only after trying to figure out how to saw “Fart smelling candle.”

*He doesn’t really say this.


Taemin also buys some novelty gag gifts while his manager pays for it grudgingly (kind of hard to pretend you don’t have money when you’re wearing a Gucci manbag). He excitedly skips back to his hotel room to show off his gifts to Key. “We Got Married” loves Key, because Key is so sassy and wise. He advises Taemin on how to properly use the whoopee cushion and gives Taemin the idea of using EXOto give Na Eun the gifts. Then they shoot an adult video with the sexy red pillows and Taemin grasping the teddy bear to his chest. You wish. Actually, Taemin records an awkward video message for Na Eun to see later on.

New variety show pitch*: “YOU Got Married?!” Sassy romance master Key (and his two assistants, Nicole and Mir) find couples who are struggling to keep the fire going. Key offers sage advice, but never without looking absolutely fabulous! The trio saves couples from their dying relationships while ignoring the question, “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you in a relationship?”

*CallMeN00NA Original.


Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee continue their winter wonderland date and enter a room that makes artificial snow. They reminisce about their first date; remembering the good (walking under the snow together) and the bad (two words: curry poop). They even reenact scenes from romantic dramas and have fun making fun of celebrity pitchers.


The two head home to work on their song together, but first Go Joon Hee has a gift for her husband. It’s an Iron Man figurine and Jinwoon LOVES it. Go Joon Hee is so thoughtful, remembering the few times Jinwoon off handedly revealed his love for the action figure. Jinwoon, on the other hand, slips up and reminds Go Joon Hee that he doesn’t remember the date of their first date, or her birthday. Deja Vu anyone? He reminds her that he’s really bad with memorizing those kind of things, but that doesn’t make her feel any better.

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