Who Did Kwang Hee Name as ZE:A’s Next “Popular” Member?

At ZE:A‘s recent showcase for the release of their new album “Illusion,” member Kwang Hee named the fellow member he thought would be the next “popular” member of the group.

As a large nine-member group, it is hard for all the members of ZE:A to received the spotlight at once. One year it’s Kwang Hee, another year it’s Dong Jun, another it’s Im Siwan, and most currently, it is Park Hyung Sik. As Kwang Hee once stated elsewhere, the most popular member of ZE:A tends to take the center spot in their dance choreography, and currently the focus is on Park Hyung Sik who has gained a lot of popularity due to his appearance on the real-variety show “Real Men.” You can check out the music video of ZE:A’s latest track “The Ghost of Wind” by clicking here.

When asked who he thought would be the next “popular” member of the group at the press conference before the showcase, Kwang Hee said, “Our agency says it’s going to be Jung Hee Chul, but I think it will be Moon Jun Young.”

He explained, “Moon Jun Young has been cast to appear in KBS’ ‘Love and War 2.’ I heard they picked handsome people. I think the person I am most envious of will be the most popular.”

Moon Jun Young will act alongside Girl’s Day Yura in the idol special of “Love and War 2,” set to air September 13.

moon jun young yura

Jung Hee Chul disagreed with Kwang Hee, saying, “We think the next popular member will be Kevin. He is diligently writing songs, and somehow we feel he will show a good image.” Kevin wrote the lyrics and composed “Step by Step” included in “Illusion.”

How about you readers, who do you think will be the next member to receive the spotlight after Park Hyung Sik?