Rookie Artist NC.A Sings About a High School Crush in “My Student Teacher”

Rookie female soloist NC.A has made her debut, hoping to be acknowledged for her musical talents.

On August 12, NC.A debuted with “My Student Teacher” by releasing the digital single and the music video as well.

NC.A has received attention for being featured as a guest for the legendary duo, Yurisangja as well as her cute and innocent looks and her musical talents.

Her agency commented, “NC.A stands for ‘New Creative Artist.’ It means that she wants to be a true musician who endlessly challenges herself to bring forth new and innovative music to the K-Pop industry. Her cute debut single ‘My Student Teacher’ is sure to set the mood for summer.”

“My Student Teacher” is composed by Park Seung Hwa of Yurisangja, written by Lee Ji Won and Scared Only Son and edited by Seo Jung Jin.

The song is about a cute puppy-love from a high school student to her student teacher. The music video is receiving attention for starring Jung Man Shik, who has recently raised to stardom through various movies and dramas.

Check out the MV below!