Kim Bum Presents Flowers to Moon Geun Young for “Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi”

MBC released new stills of Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young from the set of their drama “Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi.” 

The stills portray Kim Bum holding flowers to give to Moon Geun Young with a gentle and adoring look in his eyes. It also shows Moon Geun Young looking happy to receive the flowers. MBC did not further reveal what context this scene takes place in, making it a tantalizing teaser. 

“Goddess of Fire” is about the life of Yoo Jung, Joseon dynasty’s greatest and first female ceramic artist. Moon Geun Young plays the lead role of Yoo Jung while Kim Bum plays the role of Kim Tae Do who grew up with the main character Yoo Jung and harbors a “pure love” for her. It is currently airing Monday-Tuesday on MBC.

moon geun young kim bum