[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 3

Every episode aims to have that pivotal scene that turns things around for the two leads and so far this is the first where I saw that happen on day one. Then it happened again on the second and now the third. It wasn’t all those scenes where Gong Sil was finding any flimsy excuse to touch him. This time it was crucial because when she flew into his arms, he did not push her away. I’m sure every fiber of his being wanted to, but what kept him from going through with it was his momentary slip into compassion. I think he knew it was different tonight because he didn’t feel like a crazy person was holding onto him – all he sensed was desperation and fear. Maybe instead of taking her word for it, he felt her heart racing and her panic was palpable in her grip. Whatever it was, it made him freeze in place until she was ready to let go. The expression on his face said it all and betrayed the one thing he didn’t want to show her. If he lets on that he is sympathetic, he won’t be able to get rid of her. If he insists on denying then he has some wiggle room to avoid her. It is the best thing about this drama that makes this relationship work so well. Whether they want it or not, there is this undeniable connection they have that links both of their lonely souls. It didn’t take that long for them to get to this point where she can’t live without him and he has to constantly suppress his curiosity about her. We all know where that leads because once you start to care – forget trying to hold back anymore. It’s a slippery slope to the front steps of acknowledging your feelings. Forget the ghosts Gong Sil sees, for someone like Joong Won, losing control of his emotions has to be a new kind of nightmare.

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Is it just me or does this guy give you Kim Soo Hyun vibes? This is the first time I ever saw Seo In Guk act, but I swear from certain angles, that voice and his accent, and the way he speaks jondae is almost identical to Kim Soo Hyun. They could play very convincing brothers.

Written before it aired:

There is a patent sign when I’ve become invested in a drama and it gives me away each time. I tend to get ahead of myself with shows that intrigue me. This one has me constantly questioning motives, underlying intentions, and future outcomes. So far, I feel like we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface when it comes to figuring out Kang Woo’s part in all this. I’m so curious about who he is reporting to each time he calls. If he is just doing his duty, where he will draw the line between professionalism and personal feelings. How much is going above and beyond if he is flirting with Gong Sil and keeping her close to find out more about her relationship with Joong Won? What happens when she starts to affect him and his ability to remain objective is no longer an option. Hoping that if given the choice between hurting or saving Gong Sil, he will follow his heart. With Gong Sil’s personality, I don’t see him remaining aloof for much longer. She really does have something about her that radiates warmth, sincerity, and kindness. So far it’s easy to see why so many ghosts are drawn to her. It’s not just her ability to see them that sets her apart from other humans, it’s the fact that she is compassionate to their causes and situations. That is another conundrum that baffles me. We all know how Gong Sil came upon this ability to see the dead, but I’m wondering what it will take for her to lose it. If near death is what caused her to acquire it, will the same circumstance be the solution to make it go away. Five years seems to be a long time to live in fear of your own shadow and being jumpy has become second nature to her, but I feel like she can’t live the rest of her life like this. Even though she finally found someone to keep the ghosts at bay, unless she ends up living together with Joong Won, I don’t think she will ever find any reprieve from listening to requests from her ghostly friends. That is why I want Joong Won to realize she is telling the truth and help her out. Sometimes I feel like Joong Won is no different from the other ghosts in the sense that he just goes through the motions, but doesn’t really seem alive. Maybe that is why he became the one person who can give her a break from her ability. With Gong Sil around, this could be his chance to experience life more fully.

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won
 Tae Gong Shil
Kang Woo
 Tae Yi Ryeong
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do
(Secretary Kim)
 Joo Sung Ran
Do Seuk Chul

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These cameos by L will never get old – especially when he grins like that. Wishing for more flashbacks.

Episode 3

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[01-03-06] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[01-06-18] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[01-10-19] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[01-21-33] 

Starts from Joong Won leaning in and saying “bad girl (aka bitch)” so she asks did you just curse? Joong Won: yes relay it exactly like that to the ghost you see. Gong Sil: because you were left behind alone – you must have resented her a lot. you liked her so much that you would curse. he looks confused. Gong Sil: if by any chance I do see her, I will relay it to her that you still like her a lot. he tells her not to misinterpret on her own and just like he said – it was a curse – bad girl. Gong Sil: I know – while saying bad person bad person -everyone misses someone like that. he shakes his finger at her and says I don’t want that- if you are going to relay it to her like that then get lost Tae yang. Gong Sil: still because you believe me – I like it so much. Joong Won: I don’t believe you – don’t like it. Gong Sil: during all that time it was so scary and lonely. Meeting you was like a lifeline. when I am so scared – having an exit door for me to run away – you don’t know how comforting that is. Joong Won: I don’t want that too – I am your exit? try knocking when you are running away. I will never open it. She begs please open. Joong Won: I won’t open – no matter what. Gong Sil: you are the only way to escape/run away. I am so scared please open. Kang Woo watches them.

The woman who works under Joong Won’s uncle Ahn Jin Joo is walking down the hall and finds a designer shoe and wonders why it’s here and where the other pair is. she asks aloud if the lost and found is still open. she hears footsteps behind her but when she looks no one is there. but there is a ghost following her who says it’s my shoe.

Jin Joo gets scared and doesn’t wait for the elevator and takes the stairs. she falls down and screams

Gong Sil hears the yell and Joong Won says I heard it too. Kang Woo runs over.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[01-33-18]

they go and find Jin Joo on the ground. Gong Sil asks are you ok. how did you end up like this. Jin Joo insists something was upstairs that made her trip. Joong Won goes up to check. Kang Woo comes in and asks what happened. Jin Joo says I fell down the stairs. he tells her to try moving her foot but Jin Joo feels pain. Joong Won says there was nothing to trip you. Jin Joo insists something was there for sure. he tests the floor and says the floor is slippery – the wax is still there. he points at Gong Sil and says you are the cleaning team – clean again. Gong Sil: right now? Joong Won: right now and Kang Woo take team leader Ahn to the hospital. as Joong Won leaves he hears Kang Woo tell Gong Sil: we won’t be able to leave work together today. Gong Sil: I have to clean here. please escort her well. Kang Woo: see you at home. Gong Sil: see you at home. Joong Won stuck around to here that and holds the door open for Jin Joo and Kang Woo as they leave. Gong Sil was about to explain she lives at the same place with Kang Woo but Joong Won cuts her off saying I am not curious.

Kim tells Joong Won that Jin Joo had some paperwork to give the vice president so I have to go. Joong Won tells him to go and that he would go on his own. Kim asks will you be okay. Joong takes the keys and says of course. 

Joong Won gets to the car and can’t even open it. what is this. have I not driven this car even once?

Gong Sil mutters about how she wanted to get off work with a guy when she finds the shoe that was dropped. She says it’s pretty and wishes she could wear something like that and go on a date with a guy. the ghost is there watching as she tries it on. Gong Sil wonders if there is only one side, but she sees the ghost and takes off running. she presses the elevator door button as drops of blood follow her. she hears footsteps as she runs inside the elevator. a bloody hand reaches out to her as the doors close. the elevator isn’t moving

Joong Won figured out what to press on the navigation to get home and keeps telling himself he is doing well and then tells the car it’s doing well.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-54-57] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-57-23]주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-55-34]

Meanwhile Gong Sil listens to the ghost whisper into her ear. she runs out and asks Joong Won to open his door but he say I won’t – get lost. she chases his car as she hears footsteps. he watches her in the mirror looking scared as the ghost gets closer to Gong Sil. Joong Won reverses and gets out asking what is going on to act so scared. she runs straight into his arms and holds on tightly with her eyes closed. He didn’t have the heart to push her away this time.

Security guy watches Joong Won and Gong Sil hugging on the CCTV monitor and says what a big deal it is.

Gong Sil is still holding that shoe and finally opens her eyes and lets go. she thanks him. Joong Won asks where her shoe is and what is that shoe in your hand. she says the shoe owner chased me and she must be dead.

At the accident site – the cop thinks the driver was driving drunk to the extent she only wore one shoe. the corpse is taken away with one shoe on.

At the hospital, the nurse asks Jin Joo to lower her skirt for a shot so Kang Woo bows and steps out to give her privacy.

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Some girl in a hoodie and sunglasses hides behind Kang Woo so he watches her trying to get into a car. He asks what she is doing. It was Yi Ryeong sneaking around. she says mind your business and go on your way. He tells her to stop. She doesn’t listen so he pulls her off and says I know your face. she complains about how roughly he treated her and he says whoever saw you they would say it was suspicious. She explains this is my car and I have something to buy but my manager isn’t here now. I looked down from the room and saw the sunroof was open so I came to get money. There is money in that circular compartment – I was trying to get that out. He looks inside and asks do you need that. She says yes so he hops inside through the sunroof and gets it out for her saying there is only a dollar. What is it that you need? He buys her two bottles of soju and dried squid like she wanted and asks is it correct. She checks and notes that he had the squid grilled and says you have sense. Kang Woo: you can drink two bottles of soju so why won’t you be hospitalized. She retorts about timing and asks if he is going to tell on her to the reporters. He says no – that he understands her situation and that she has to keep it covered up. She thinks he feels sorry for her because her wedding was broken up and she was dumped. She tries to get his number to pay him back but he says it’s ok. I hope the two bottles of soju give you better treatomorrowent than the hospital. He bows and leaves. She can’t believe he is running off when she was about to get his number – he has no sense.

The accident victim’s husband is called in. He asks is it my wife. He is told by the doctor that she died. He looks at his wife’s face and calls out her name Yoon Hee and cries. But actually he was really smiling with his head down.

Joong Won asks if the dead woman she saw really is here. Gong Sil says yes – shall we go there. Joong Won asks if she really plans to go around like that – wearing a tissue box on her foot. Gong Sil: there are no shoes and since there are some tissue left – it’s cushiony. Joong Won: not talking about being practical – I am talking about visually – aren’t you embarrassed. But Gong Sil says it’s ok. Last time when I was in a sauna and ran out because I was so scared I wore a box and went home. This much is not embarrassing. Let’s go. He warns if that shoe owner isn’t here Gong Sil will be hospitalized here.

They go to the hospital and Gong Sil sees other dead people. She says how she doesn’t like coming here. Joong Won asks where is the shoe owner. A ghostly hand points the way so she tells Joong Won. They watch the corpse being wheeled away and the other shoe drops. The husband picks up the dropped shoe and Gong Sil is holding the other pair.

They go outside and she asks – since you confirmed with your own eyes now you believe me right? How scared I am – I told you they were really there – aren’t you scared? Joong Won: I’m not scared. I can’t see them with my eyes so what difference does it make. I don’t waste time imagining useless things. She demonstrates how the dead woman limped and chased after her so he averts his eyes and tells her not to do that. She does it more saying I told her not to, but she followed me. He backs away and gets scared and says don’t do it – ok – it must have been scary for you. She grabs him and says when I hold onto you like this I can’t see it. The reason why I keep hanging onto you now you understand right?

Secretary Kim is explaining to Joong Won’s aunt and uncle that Joong Won doesn’t keep just anyone next to him. He calculates about going to the future with that person. He will only open his eyes and ears if she meets his high standards. Just like he would when he chooses the woman he will be with forever, he is really picky. The aunt asks if he means that Joong Won isn’t keeping women at bay because of dead Hee Joo. Seok Chul thinks that just means that Joong Won hasn’t met a woman who will help with his business. He will calculate in his head and choose wisely. Kim says often there are times when you can’t get the answer from calculating the average person.

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Gong Sil says not because of money – not because you are good looking – I’m doing this because I see ghosts. I’m not a “Candy” that’s sticking to you to try to seduce you. He puts his hands together like in prayer so she asks do you pray but he uses his hands to shove her away. Joong Won: are you saying you have sixth sense (ability to see the dead). Gong Sil: yes. He can’t even bring himself to say the actual word ghosts and asks if you are sticking to me because of those (ghosts) then what is the reason they stick to you.

They walk and she explains they come to me to ask me to do something for them. Like people who are alive they explain their situation – until I listen to their requests, they abruptly show up and won’t let me sleep. He asks what that shoe owner wanted. Gong Sil: to give this shoe to her husband. That she will watch him. They walk over to the husband and she says that person is the husband of this shoe owner. Joong Won says I know that person. He has a store in my Kingdom. Gong Sil thinks the dead woman went to meet her husband and lost her shoe. This (shoe) must be really precious. The guy gets a call and walks away to take it.

But they listen and hear the husband on the phone happy that his wife died – “It was a miracle – that woman died on her own.” He is totally grinning about it.

Gong Sil says the sight of the husband smiling was scarier than the ghost. A while ago when I ran away because I was scared so I didn’t get to grab my shoe and just ran. That woman must have done the same. While leaving this shoe behind – what could she have seen? Joong Won: I don’t waste time on useless things. Gong Sil: I think she saw something that made her really furious and indignant.

Gong Sil remembers how his dead wife listened to that conversation when her husband said she is dead. It was a miracle that woman died on her own.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[04-17-14] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[04-17-58]

Gong Sil: If his dead wife said she is watching him then he wouldn’t be able to laugh like that. Let’s go. She gets up to go back but Joong Won says do well – go and reveal what was unfair for her and pay back what she was furious about. He walks away so she asks where are you going. You have to go with me. Why should I? I can’t go back in there without you. I am scared plus other ghosts might stick to me. I need you. Joong Won: Ah, that special relationship. You can’t see them with me around. When you are running scared you want to hang onto me but do they give you any useful information. What stocks will go up tomorrow, which ocean treasures are buried in, the winning numbers to the next lottery – do they tell you? She shakes her head no. Joong Won: Then I don’t need you. Reporting useless things has no value to me – zero points. But since I came all this way and saw and listened I will give you one advice. Because you go around doing that – in other people’s eyes you are a crazy woman who doesn’t know to be embarrassed wearing a tissue box. Come to your senses and take care of your image. Gong Sil: But you know I am not crazy. Because you saw you believe. Joong Won: No, I only see what I want to see and believe what I want to believe – I see you as a crazy woman and I don’t believe your words.

Gong Sil walks home alone and feels embarrassed at the people laughing at her. She talks to the ghost saying do you know the stocks for tomorrow? Can you even tell me one lottery ball number? Can’t even tell me anything – find out those things and stick to me. So embarrassing I could die. She checks and only has 2 dollars.

Joong Won goes to his car and tries to remotely unlock it only to pop open the trunk so he says “again?” He finds shoes in the back and says what is this – there were shoes. He remembers how she is walking with a tissue box as a shoe so he checks his tissue box and says it is strong and cushiony – it’s ok to wear, but then it comes undone.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[04-39-41] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[04-43-09]

Just then the box broke as Kang Woo notices her. She asks why he is here. Kang Woo says I went to the hospital with Ahn and sent her so I’m about to go now. Gong Sil starts to say I went to the hospital and changes the subject to ask if Jin Joo is ok. Kang Woo: Yes. He looks down and asks what the box is. She says I lost my shoe. Because I’m like this I look a crazy person huh? He compliments her for her sensible idea to protect her foot and use the tissue box as a shoe so she beams. She agrees I am wearing it because it was worth it and not because I am crazy. But it’s broken so there is big trouble. What to do. He says there is a taxi so let’s take it together and go. While he goes to hail it, she tries to shake off the ghost.

*omg when this guy smiles there are dimples all over the place. Never saw a smile so perfect before.

Joong Won is driving and his navigation talks to him so he tells it – I know so be quiet. Saw something I didn’t need to. He is keeping an eye out for her and wonders how far Gong Sil went wearing that box. The navigation talks again so he says I am just going to leave. He holds up the shoes he was going to lend Gong Sil.

The tissue from her abandoned box flies up and sticks to his car. He tosses his shoes in the back and suddenly his navigation tells him to turn right. Joong Won: what is this – right again. then isn’t it that place a while ago.

The cop says that the wife was wearing only one shoe while driving. We thought she was drunk but she wasn’t. Jin the husband asks if that is a problem. The cop says no it’s just strange to wear one shoe and drive. The wife’s mom is upset about her daughter’s death and thinks maybe something terrible happened and she died. He tells her to calm down – maybe she lost one somewhere. I will look for it.

Jin goes out and calls and asks if someone found the other shoe. Did you find it? It’s not there? He trashes the one he has.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-07-07]

Gong Sil is wearing slippers and says thanks to you I came home ok. Thank you. Kang Woo: If you are grateful, can I ask something I’m curious about? Gong Sil: What? Kang Woo: What you said last time about the special person at Kingdom – is it president Joo Joong Won? Gong Sil: Yes. Kang Woo: Starting work at Kingdom – was it because of that person? Gong Sil: Yes. Kang Woo: I saw him come all this way to meet you. Do you have a special relationship with him? She hesitates in answering so he says I was just wondering if we could continue leaving work together. She says I am not a special woman. To the president, I am just an insane woman. Kang Woo: Then next time too – let’s leave work together. He bows and goes up. Gong Ri her sister saw that. Gong Sil calls up to him – thank you so much for today. Gong Ri asks who he is.

Gong Ri: He is the team leader for security at Kingdom? But he lives at #404? Does that guy know about you (as in her ability). Gong Sil: If he knew he wouldn’t have asked to leave work together. Her sister thinks maybe Gong Sil is like this because she lacks “yang ki (energy)” so she asks her to be close with him (Kang Woo) because if she gets that from a guy maybe Gong Sil’s ability to see ghosts will get better (as in go away) but Gong Sil is wondering about Joong Won – because his yang ki (energy) is strong is that why he is special to me. Gong Ri asks who that guy is. Gong Sil doesn’t tell her and just says there is someone like that. Gong Ri encourages her to go after him whoever he is and lick up all the energy. Gong Sil: He won’t even let me touch him so how would that work. Gong Ri says to lick up the ki from #404 first. Hurry and sleep if you are going to work tomorrow. The sister tells her to sleep. Gong Sil says I can’t sleep and brings up what happened before when something was taken from her so the sister asks is there something here.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-40-52]

Next day Joong Won’s uncle Seok Chul the vice president is talking about kingdom’s profits going up. Depending on how much profit there is at each shop, Joong Won either greets them coldly for low profits or enthusiastically for high profits. At the store with the best revenue, Joong Won greets some man and thanks him and asks him to keep working hard.

Seok Chul talks about Yi Ryeong’s soccer poster that was shot when she was going to marry that soccer player and and wonders if it’s ok to hang it up since she broke up. Joong Won is in favor and thinks this poster will be a great ad. Seok Chul thinks she won’t like it but Joong Won says she is a model so what can she do about it.

Gong Sil goes to the dead woman’s husband’s shop and says this was the store. After she walks off, Joong Won’s group comes over. Seok Chul says a few days ago this shop Dahlia’s owner’s wife died in an accident. Joong Won says I know. Seok Chul assures him that the owner won’t go to Giant Mall even though they wanted him to. Joong Won: because I saw something I can’t trust that person. Look into it more. Seok Chul tells Kim to do that.

Security guys are talking and saying did you hear his G’s wife died last week. The guy says I heard he was really good to his wife. It’s too bad. Gong Ri says I saw that couple too. they had their date here. They made plans on where to go hiking and for vacations together on the weekends. The husband was so attentive. The guy says the wife is really rich and she got him that shop so of course he has to be attentive. His mother in law is more wealthy and has a few buildings in Gangnam. So let’s see the only daughter dies and who remains is her only son in law. Then her inheritance will go to him. Gong Ri says anyway he is a nice person and was really good to his wife so he should get the money. She turns and gets startled by Gong Sil. Gong Sil says what if everyone says he is a good person and I am the only one who says he is a bad person then they wouldn’t believe me huh. Gong Ri asks if she saw something. Gong Sil: No. Gong Ri says let’s last a long time here. you have to do well here too and get ki too. Gong Sil: Ok sorry but I will be going. 

Gong Ri thinks a ghost is there so she tells it to go away. Security guy asks – was that person your younger sister? She says yes – why? He says I just want to get closer to her.

Yi Ryeong’s manager is upset about the soccer picture and wants to ask to get it down, but Yi Ryeong is ok with it and suggests looking for that girl who ruined her wedding. She sees Gong Sil walking by and says it wouldn’t be her.

Gong Sil goes and asks Jin Joo if she is ok. Jin Joo says yes I can’t rest from work over something like this. Gong Sil says you said you tripped on something and fell on the stairs, did you see this shoe then by any chance. Jin Joo says I picked this up in the hallway. Gong Sil asks where did you pick it up?

At the memorial the husband pretends to grieve with his mother in law.

Gong Sil is talking to the ghost and replays the direction of the area the dead wife walked. Joong Won walks over so she explains the shoe was dropped here and it’s very close to the husband’s shop. Joong Won: it was dropped there then it’s trash. and you are the cleaning team so throwing away trash in the trash is your job. she says you know this isn’t trash. you know what I’m trying to do. Joong Won: no I don’t know. in my eyes you are being lazy and doing strange things. that you are an employee who could be fired. they see a woman walking by wearing the same shoes so she says doesn’t it look the same as this from what you can see? it is the same huh? Joong Won looks and says so? Gong Sil: even though I insist I don’t want to know- I can’t ignore if I see with my eyes -that’s how I am. she goes after the woman. Joong Won says she is going after unnecessary things again

Gong Sil watches the woman go in and then Jin – the husband follows her. Gong Sil looks through the window and sees them being affectionate. He looks up in Gong Sil’s direction so she ducks down.

Flashback to the wife watching her husband make out with his girlfriend from the same spot as Gong Sil now. The girl asks if he has to go hiking with his wife during this break too. Jin said I have to go with her regularly so later on when she gets into an accident I won’t be suspected. She asks does your wife like hiking. Jin says she does like it. That she is going around looking for her place to die – she doesn’t even know in her dream. They laugh and then he saw his wife watching them. He ran after her. She hid behind some clothes as he called out Yoon Hee – listen to my words. When he passes by she runs off. She lost her shoe and ran with one on.

She drove with one shoe and was crying and driving erratically and not watching the road. She saw that her husband was behind her and calling her phone so she sped up to avoid him. She looked back and didn’t see the stopped truck ahead of her and rear ended it. She died in the car like that.

Gong Sil sits there and hears Jin asking are you just wearing those heels out in the open. The girlfriend says your wife died. Even though I got the same shoes as a present, it will be ok now. He tells her to be careful because his mother in law is still around. After that old woman dies, who do you think will inherit. Girlfriend says how will we know when that will be. He says after her daughter died she is not well now. It will be soon. We are lucky. His dead wife watches him pet the woman’s hair.

Joong Won is looking at the other mall under construction and remarks how his lips feel like they will rip from smiling so much. Kim says you have to meet him since Dahlia had a profit. Joong Won: seeing something useless, when I see that person my lips might tear. Kim reports the woman that Tae Gong Sil followed is a female employee at Dahlia. That store owner lost his wife and is grief stricken now I heard. I am worried that maybe Tae Yang made a mistake.

The mother in law drops off food for the cheating husband. Jin pretends to be considerate and asked why she came out when it’s hard on her. She says she brought him some food since her daughter isn’t around. Jin says it’s just the two of us left now so let’s count on each other and live. Should we go to the mountain that I went with Yoon Hee. Gong Sil comes over and says I was told to give this shoe to you. It’s your dead wife’s. The mom asks this is my Yoon Hee’s? Gong Sil: before her accident she came here. When she came to meet her husband, she saw him do terrible things and lost this shoe when was she in shock and out of her senses. The mom asks what is this talk. Jin: My wife came here? No she didn’t. And that’s not my wife’s shoe. Gong Sil: Don’t lie. Jin: I don’t know what are you saying. He tells his mother in law he found Yoon Hee’s shoe. He goes behind and makes the woman take her shoe off. He brings it over and says it was found at the accident site and the police dropped it off. This is my wife’s shoe. Gong Sil: No this is another woman’s shoe. That woman is here. He stops her from going over to his girlfriend. He asks who are you? What do you want to do this? Gong Sil: She said she would watch you. She tells the mom that Yoon Hee said she had to watch him. That person is bad. Jin: Look here why are you like this. He cries and acts grieve stricken. My wife hasn’t been dead for even a week yet. I want to follow her and die too. To a person who couldn’t die and is alive – why are you doing this. Gong Sil: can you talk like that if I tell you that your wife is watching now? Jin: if my wife is watching she will know how much I loved her. How tortured I am – she will know. His dead wife watches him put on a show. Gong Sil: It’s a lie – those tears are all lies too. He asks why she is like this. Employees come over asking if gong sil is crazy. Gong Sil: I saw it all. I saw you laughing too. She is watching you lie now. Don’t you feel sorry? Security takes her away and Gong Sil yells out to the mom – grandmother he is a bad person. Your daughter wants to protect you. She gets dragged away by security.

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Kang Woo hears that the woman causing trouble at Dahlia is an employee here that cleans named tae gong sil. Yi Ryeong watches and says who I saw a while ago was Tae Gong Sil. her manager asks that Tae Yang -the one who is prettier and studied better than you? Yi Ryeong: I heard she got strange, but it’s for real. Gong Sil yells grandmother you are in danger so the angry guard throws her down and security is told to take her out. they are more gentle with her. people stare at Gong Sil and she looks up at them. suddenly Joong Won says Tae Gong Sil shi -what are you doing there like a crazy person. get up. I said get up. he holds out his hand for her to take. she stands up with his help and he asks if she found out the owner of that shoe. Gong Sil: I did but he lied and said it wasn’t his wife’s shoe. Jin says I didn’t lie – this is my dead wife’s shoe and that woman is talking crazy nonsense now. Joong Won: whether this woman is crazy or if you are lying we will know when we match it up. Kim hands over the other shoe and Joong won says your wife wore only one shoe while dying – the one you threw in the hospital trash can I picked it up. he matches it with the one Jin is holding and they are both from the left. people say the shoes don’t match. he says yours doesn’t match. he motions for Gong sil to come over. he takes the shoe from Gong Sil and says this matches perfectly. the mom says this is really from Yoon hee. she asks jin – what was the one you had. Joong Won notices the girlfriend hiding and makes security bring her out. she is barefooted on one foot. Joong Won says the half that you lied about and wanted to hide is over there. the mother in law says you deceived Yoon hee and me. Gong Sil gives the cheating husband the message from the dead wife – “I will always watch you and find a spot for you to die together like you were going to.”

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-34-15]

Gong Sil returns the shoes to the mom. the mom wonders if her daughter is watching. Gong Sil: yes. the dead daughter back hugs her mom. she lets go as her spirit leaves. Gong Sil cries and looks up.

Yi Ryeong’s manager says the president here is good cuz he interfered and took the side of his employee. Yi Ryeong says president Joo is not that kind of character. she runs after Kang Woo but he grabs her arm. she says let go it’s Tae Yi Ryeong. he says it was cuz she suddenly grabbed him. she says you did that last time too. you must be security – do you work here? she looks at his name tag and asks is your name kang woo. he says yes. she says we met well. there is that incident from last time, but he says I am working and leaves. she cant believe she is being ignored

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-40-47] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[07-43-26]

Kang woo asks what happened. security guy says Joong won showed up and settled everything. Kang woo asks the president himself? the guy walks off saying Tae Yang saw the hidden woman. he asks if he didn’t grab Gong Sil too harshly

Gong Sil: you ignored me saying you don’t believe anything so thank you very much for helping. Joong Won: there is no need to be grateful. I was only getting my revenge cuz that man not only betrayed his wife but my Kingdom. He already made a contract with Giant Mall. that bad guy. I only got revenge for his betrayal. Gong sil: wasn’t it cuz he bothered you that you watched him at the hospital? Joong won: I just went the wrong way and saw something useless.

on that night the tissue flew off his car and Joong won pulled up and said what is this – it’s the hospital again. let’s just go home now. but he saw Jin coming out and throwing away the shoe at the hospital.

Joong Won says I went the wrong way and saw that so I picked it up. Gong Sil says when people go to the lost and found they find stuff they weren’t even thinking of. or they get lost and find their way. they think it was a lucky accident. but it wasn’t a coincidence. Joong won: are you saying me getting lost wasn’t a coincidence? she whispers it was a right turn (just like what the navigation told him to do – the dead wife was in the car with him making him get there to see that) He looks around cuz she looks like she is staring at a ghost so he seems scared. he say just up to there -don’t tell me anything else. she says president I thought about it and I have a way to be special to you. Joong won: you will be special to me? why? are you going to tell me a lottery number? Gong Sil: cuz Cha Hee Joo is a special person to you. I can see cha hee joo. Joong won: that’s right you said Hee Joo was next to me. if you stay next to me then you could see her again. she says yes and when I am able to see Cha Hee Joo again, then I will be special to you. when I see her again, I will be sure to tell her. thank you. she leaves. he repeats meet Hee joo again

JW’s aunt Sun Ran tells her husband Seok Chul – is there anything you sensed from what happened in this matter? when you first looked at me it was for money and I didn’t care. you just have to look at me till the end. beautiful women get old and their tight breasts sag, but my money won’t dry out forever so your first heart – keep your affection and loyalty and don’t look elsewhere. if you just do that it will be good. He replies pretty convincingly: my heart that loved you from the start will not change. I see only you. Sun Ran: ok if you go astray even a little to the side – she motions his neck will be cut. I will not put up with it. so he swears that will never happen. never.

Security guy buys her a drink and invites Gong Sil to go to an office gathering together. she asks a gathering where you say cheers and sing? I do want to go, but….her sister Tae Gong Ri cuts in and asks if the other teams can go too and says to Gong Sil – let’s go. Gong Sil says I cant drink alcohol cuz there will be big trouble if I lose my senses. her sister says then don’t drink and just eat appetizers. he says then go together. I don’t have any other intentions – it’s just to get closer/chummy. for real. Gong sil agrees to go

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[02-51-42]주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[02-55-58]

Gong Sil and Gong Ri go drinking with the security team. The guy offers to start a mileage card for them – if they come 3 times he will buy a meal. 5 times buy them alcohol. If they come 10 times then a blind date. After he says since you can’t drink alcohol, the guy spikes Gong Sil’s coke. Kang Woo keeps an eye on her. Gong Sil gets drunk and Gong Ri sits her next to Kang Woo on purpose saying Gong shil should lean on the seat. Gong Sil wonders why her head hurts so much – is it because I am tired. He asks if she is ok.She says yes I feel good because it’s been a long time since I hung out with others. Kang Woo: Are you having a hard time – maybe you are drunk. Gong Sil: But I didn’t drink alcohol at all. I am too scared so I can’t drink. Because if I get drunk I become a different person. Kang Woo smiles and says when people get drunk, others do that too. Gong Sil: I really do become a different person.

Joong Won remembers the past.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-26-08] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-28-06]

Flashback to young Joong Won asking Hee Joo “that you like me because I am the son of a rich family – is it for real. Are you hesitating right now – making me feel lousy.” She says so you won’t feel bad – I am pretending for a second like I am conflicted – if I admit (it’s true) right away you will be hurt. He jumps down and walks away and she says are you mad Joo Joong Won? If I call you 3 times – you will get over your anger right away. She calls out Joo Joong Won, Joo Joong 2, Joo Joong 3 and he turns and smiles saying it’s not funny at all. Hee Joo: It’s not funny but you are over your anger right? He just laughs.

Joong Won walks out and calls Hee Joo a “bad girl” again.

Gong Sil is drunk when she goes out and sees hee joo standing behind Joong Won. Gong Sil says I said I would help him meet that girl. Hee joo turns and stares at Gong Sil.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-37-55]

Kang Woo calls in and says into the phone – the woman I reported about last time seems to have a special relationship with president Joo. If she is involved with Cha Hee Joo and what she knows, I will keep investigating.

Gong Sil walks to Joong Won’s home.

The doorbell rings and he sees her face on the monitor and says Tae Gong Sil.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-39-42] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-44-36]주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-40-44]

He goes downstairs and opens the door and asks why did you come here. How did you know to come here. You get in my car and come into my kingdom – and this time you dare to ring my intercom? I warned you – did I tell you to stop or not. She turns and says in a friendly tone – “Joong Won ah” so he says – Joong Won ah – you are really crazy Tae Yang. She asks you are mad at me huh? Joong Won: I am angry. You are fired – don’t ever show up in front of my eyes again. Get lost. Gong Sil: Even now if I call you 3 times – will you get over your anger? Joo Joong Won – Joo Joong 2 – Joo Joong 3. He turns and says it’s not funny at all. What are you. She says it’s me – the bad girl you hate. Now it’s his turn to look like he has seen a ghost.


-no preview-

Wasn’t there a photo of Gong Sil in this very outfit rolling around on his bed? Maybe being drunk and turning into Hee Joo was the key to getting in his home and passing out.

주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-52-46] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-53-07] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-53-26] 주군의 태양.E03.130814.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-53-35]

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