[Recap] A Love That Is Hot as the Summer – We Got Married 08.17.13

On this episode of “We Got Married,” Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee ride off into the sunset, Jo Jung Chi and Jung In have a bingsu battle, and Taemin reminds us there is no one else more awkward as he tries to surprise Son Na Eun. 

A love that is hot as the summer – This is your Soompi WGM recap!

(If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.)


Jinwoon and Joon Hee are finally on a real vacation. The good looking couple heads over to the beach and on their way there, Jinwoon gives Joon Hee a surprise present. It’s an animal print bikini. Joon Hee asks the right question, “We’re going to dig for clams in this?” Apparently that’s the plan. Joon Hee tries to see if it would look better on her husband until they realize that his chest would be too big. That is a problem. Jinwoon is all happy imagining his gorgeous wife in the bikini until Joon Hee informs that she has a kiss scene and a bed scene with Yoon Kye Sang in the movie she’s filming. That wiped the grin off his face.


Before they go to the beach the couple heads over to a famous horse ranch. The horses in this ranch have been in more dramas than either of them. The two get friendly with the horses and quickly pick out their favorites. Jinwoon likes the majestic black stallion, while Joon Hee picks the gentle white mare. 


The two put on their riding gear and even they have to admit they are pulling it off. Jinwoon is a natural at horse riding, even getting to trot around the stadium by himself. Joon Hee, on the other hand, shrieks that the horse is going too fast as it slowly walks in a circle. Jinwoon blushes when Joon Hee puts her arms around him so they can ride together. I sense an inconsistency here. Jinwoon gets shy when Joon Hee puts her hands on his hips but has no qualms about buying her a itsy bitsy teeny weeny animal print bikini? 


Jo Jung Chi and Jung In have lived in the WGM house for six months. They get a letter telling them to clean the house with the help of a remote control mop and garbage can. They quickly adopt the mop and the garbage can, naming them Saseungki (a combination of lion, monkey, and elephant) and Tolstoy. They race their new toys around, dismissing the order to clean the house. The house is not dirty, they claim. What’s a little dust and a few dead bugs?


The garden Jo Jung Chi had tenderly planted a few months back have ripened into delicious fruits and vegetables. Taking their home grown products the two decide on a bingsu (a mixed ice dessert) battle. Jung In creates a zombie like dessert, while Jo Jung Chi creatively makes a bibimbap like dessert. They get their managers to taste test and they both agree: Jo Jung Chi’s looks and tastes better. Jung In is upset (after all, she is the one who diligently reads recipe blogs) but it’s hard to stay upset when you’re eating delicious bingsu on a hot summer day. 

Also, did Jung In get a Brazilian blow out? The straight hair looks good on her!


I was supposed to mention this in the last recap, but I really adore Min Oh the manager! He and Taemin make such an adorable pair! Min Oh is this big guy with a goofy smile who begrudgingly goes along with Taemin’s not very well thought out plans. This time Taemin wants to surprise Na Eun by jumping out of a cardboard box in A Pink‘s apartment. One of A Pink’s managers helps them out, sweating droplets as they practice the surprise event. Inside the box, Taemin excitedly waits to surprise his wife, because what could go wrong?


So, so, so many things. First of all, the managers don’t direct Taemin so he ends up facing the wrong way. Then Na Eun doesn’t even open the box because she’s too busy enjoying her milk. When Taemin does jump out singing A Pink’s song, the girls of A Pink are more frightened than surprised. Na Eun doesn’t even look like she’s all too pleased with seeing her husband, especially considering what she recently discovered. Then proceeds one of the most awkward introductions ever, so awkward Taemin loses his mind and calls them Girl’s Day. There was no saving him then.


To get away from the watchful eye of the other A Pink members, Taemin and Na Eun retreat to Na Eun’s bedroom. She reveals that Taemin is the second guy, after her manager, to come into her room. Taemin is very excited and he reveals in the interviews that he wanted to see if she had their teddy bears. Actually, the real reason he was excited was because he wanted to see her bed and then lie down on it. That’s not creepy at all. Taemin asks to see Na Eun’s diary and of course she says no. She later reveals that she did write about Taemin in it, but lied about it because she didn’t want Taemin to be any more interested in it. Smart girl. 

On a personal note, I have the same dresser! Yay, for online shopping! 


Two’s a company, three’s a crowd, and six is just a mess full of bad decisions. The other A Pink members express their jealousy of Na Eun and try to have some fun teasing the two. They send Na Eun away to get drinks and then try to get Taemin jealous by mentioning that his best friend, Kai, seemed interested in Na Eun. This would have been funny if it wasn’t so blatantly obvious what they were doing. Even Taemin didn’t look like he was falling for it, at all, and we are supposed to find out why in the next episode. Man, why do the groups that come on this show come out so unlikable? First SHINee and now A Pink; something needs to be done.

That’s all for this recap! Unfortunately, there will not be a “We Got Married” recap from yours truly next week since Noona will be at KCON representing Soompi on one of the panels. If you are going to KCON, look for Noona and say hi, she might have a gift for you! 

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