Haha Receives Energy from His Fans’ Birthday Wishes

Haha celebrates his birthday today, August 20 (born 1979), and a torrent of congratulations and well wishes flooded in to Haha, causing the singer-entertainer to burst out with happiness through a message of thanks on his Twitter account.

Haha wrote, “Many birthday messages since the beginning of the day!!! I’m sorry I cannot reply to every single one! I have to run~I have to work, but thanks to everyone I am starting the day with a lot of energy. Thank you. I will live each day being thankful! And I will show it through everyday actions.”

On her own Twitter account, Byul, Haha’s wife and singer, wrote, “Today is a special day. It is the birthday of the person I love and treasure the most in this world. I wanted to make him seaweed soup and sing him happy birthday with a cake lit with candles, but he is going to work over two days and one night. He really looks beautiful when I see him living life so diligently. Please support him a lot. Please congratulate him. Send him strength! Dream’s dad, happy birthday!”

Haha is currently busy appearing on the variety shows “Infinity Challenge” and “‘Running Man.” He also looks toward a August 31 concert called “REGGAErilla” in Busan as part of the reggae duo Skull & Haha. If you are interested in their music, click here.

Happy birthday, Haroro!