Photo of 2NE1’s CL Smoking Hookah Divide Public Opinion

Recently, the 2NE1 member CL uploaded a picture of herself smoking hookah at a lounge, which has drawn attention and varied opinions from the public.

In the picture, CL looks chic wearing dark sunglasses and a black outfit. In her hand she holds the hookah pipe as she blows smoke facing the camera. 

2ne1 cl hookah

According to various reports from local news agencies, public opinion is divided, either showing disappointment or indifference. Such netizen comments include “Why did she upload this kind of picture?” “She looks cool,” “She’s allowed to try this,” “She’s not a minor so there isn’t anything to say”, “It doesn’t look good,” “Since she is an idol to the youth, it is worrisome,” and “She’s an adult.”

What is your take readers?

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