[Recap] Getting All Touchy Feely – We Got Married 08.24.13

This week on “We Got Married,” Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee continue their “romantic” seaside date but with a few unwelcome guests, Taemin and Son Na Eun finally reaches a key milestone in their relationship, and we find out how critical hair is for a person’s image as Jo Jung Chi goes through a hair transformation under the guidance of Jung In, while SHINee’s Key prepares for a rather special day with A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji.

There is also plenty of other touchy feely moments this week so enjoy – This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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I love a lady that can kick a bug’s butt

Jinwoon and Joon Hee continue their fun little seaside trip. This time they are actually near the seaside rather than in a horse stable. Like all good seasides though, this one is also teeming with little creatures, mainly of the insect kind. Jinwoon unfortunately doesn’t seem too keen on these little guests scurrying around his side. I fully understand how he feels; bugs and creepy crawlies bug the hell out of me as well. Maybe that’s why I’m as shocked as Jinwoon is when Joon Hee just casually reaches out towards the bugs without any hesitation.

Unfortunately, Jinwoon, in a clear state of shock, slips up on his words and accidentally calls her “massive.” If there is one thing I’ve learned through life, it is to never reference a lady’s size. It’s even worse for Jinwoon since Joon Hee has previously mentioned how her tallness was a complex for her. He makes up for it though by saying that he thought her name was “Tender Go.” Yeah I don’t think I’ll be trying that myself.


However, this isn’t the end of Joon Hee’s bug catching ways. Even during dinner she’s going around catching bugs with her hands, accidentally crushing them under her feet and capturing them in cups. Meanwhile, Jinwoon watches on from behind, afraid to get any closer lest the bugs turn vicious and attack him (Well ,that’s what I think might happen if you get too close to insects.). If this made one thing clear it is this- there is always a bug catcher in a relationship, and it’s usually the girl, and for that we guys are eternally thankful.


Thinly Disguised Tricks and Wishes

Enough about bugs, if you’re at the seaside near some mud flats, then its only naturally that you head straight in and do some hunting. This is exactly what Jinwoon and Joon Hee does, donning on a pair of work pants to go catch some sea life to eventually go on the barbie (Or grill for all you non-Australians out there). Unfortunately, that doesn’t go to plan, and they end up catching nothing. So what next? Why you use the mud flats as an excuse to play some games. Just games you ask? No, of course not. The game is just a thinly disguised ploy so that they can fall into each other arms and be all intimate. Eventually Jinwoon doesn’t even bother pretending and pulls Joon Hee into his chest for a nice hug.


But wait! There is more! As their little hugging session comes to an end, Joon Hee gets stuck in the mud and she sends out an S.O.S. to her husband. She even tells him that she will do anything if he rescues her. You can just see Jinwoon’s eyes glittering as she says that. He even says “I believed this was the moment.” So now we’re once again back to dinner time and just after Joon Hee’s bug hunting escapade. It’s finally time for that wish. What is that wish? It’s the thing that Joon Hee couldn’t do during their Japanese honeymoon because Jinwoon did it first. Why yes it’s time for another kiss. Joon Hee gives him a few options in regards to the location of said kiss, going from hand, arm, cheek, and then some more intimate choices like the neck and eyes. Jinwoon tries to be all manly and initially picks neck but quickly changes it to cheek. What happens next? Well, I think the picture is pretty self explanatory.


It’s always fun to trick your host

Taemin’s visit to the A Pink house continues this week. Now it is time for Taemin to share out those unique gifts he got during his stay in Japan. First on that list is those weird flavored toothpaste. He hands out one to each of the A Pink members. He then gets Nam Joo to swap her toothpaste for another flavor because he think it suits her more. So what was this new flavor? It is Indian Curry. So how does she like the new flavor? Not very going by the expression she gave off when she gave it a little sniff. Taemin tries to reassure her by trying it for himself and says that it is fine. Convinced, Nam Joo tries it for herself and is instantly overwhelmed by the flavor. Mission accomplished, Taemin also shows his displeasure at the flavor and both of them go to wash their mouth out.

Taemin then decides to test his little fart balloon. The A Pink members fall for it, hook line and sinker. He eventually pulls it out and only then do the members realize what has happened, but not before Nam Joo has the chance to say that it smelled like Indian curry. It appears that Taemin really has picked out the right presents despite his manager’s concerns in Japan.


Taemin, You misunderstood the definition of a bad guy

Visit over, Taemin and Na Eun start to head out but not before showing off how far they’ve come. The A Pink members ask them to hold hands as they leave and the couple duly obliges, leaving with their hands held up high in victory (Well, it did kind of look like Freddie Mercury’s famous pose). The young little couple head off to a nearby cafe and suddenly Taemin does a 180. He immediately starts to take off Na Eun’s couple smart phone case and tells her they should stop using these. He continues to go on about how he can’t stand to carry these around any more while taking his own case off. Taemin continues his attack, saying that having the case off seemed more familiar and asking Na Eun if she wants to keep her one on. Na Eun begins to notice something and mentions how Taemin seems different and how he has changed somehow. 

Taemin finally reveals that the other A Pink members told him that Na Eun’s ideal type was the whole “bad guy” persona and he was trying to imitate that. Unfortunately for Taemin, Na Eun found the whole thing more frustrating than appealing and so he returns to his usual beaming self. Yeah, some people just aren’t suited to the whole “bad guy” thing.


A Guitar Serenade For A Birthday Gift? What more could you want?

Now that’s over and done with, let’s get to the real meat of this meeting. Na Eun asks Taemin to close his eyes and not to open them again until he hears her voice. Na Eun then disappears from the view of the camera. She then returns moments later holding a guitar. She reveals in her post interview that she wanted to serenade Taemin as a birthday gift. She found a song that matched what her current emotions were like and set about learning how to play that on the guitar. She was initially planning this for a bit later when she got a bit more practice but Taemin’s sudden visit forced her hand and she is using this opportunity to deliver her gift. Na Eun begins to sing Narsha’s “I’m In Love.” She may not know all the chords but it clearly doesn’t matter for Taemin, who is beaming from ear to ear. 

우리 결혼했어요 S4.E184.130824.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_snapshot_00.30.20_[2013.08.25_14.05.34]


As soon as the song is over, Taemin gets up and walks over to Na Eun to thank her. He tells her he is really thankful, pulls her up and gives her a nice tight hug. I think the title for this section kind of says it all really in terms of what I was thinking while watching this scene. No more beating around the bush, go straight to the point and don’t show any hesitation. It would have been thank you and good night at this point if Na Eun then didn’t immediately go “This isn’t right.” What isn’t right?


NAEUN! YOU BEAUTY! Our little couple is growing up

So Taemin does what everyone wished he did awhile back but Na Eun has other plans. She immediately says that “This isn’t right” and that “This isn’t what I had imagined” with a clearly flustered Taemin looking on. Na Eun tells him that she has another birthday present. She tells him to close his eyes and spread his arms out (To which the PD rightly points out, looks like a zombie pose). Na Eun then goes straight between his arms and into a deep hug. No more beating around the bush, go straight to the point and don’t show any hesitation. To think that we would see the both of them being so touchy in just one scene. Our little couple is growing up. Brings a tear to this old man’s eyes.


The hair maketh the person, aka why you should leave it to the professionals

We now move on to the Jung Chi – Jung In couple. Jung Chi is getting sick of his trademark perm and wants to get a new style. Jung In points out that swapping his hair style might make him less funny but Jung Chi isn’t afraid; he has his face and his face is forever constant. Jung In starts to recommend a few styles starting off with Jang Don Gun’s pulled back hair style saying that Jung Chi and the famous actor looks exactly the same since they both have horn rimmed glasses, eyes, a nose, mouth, and has a moustache. I guess she’s technically right, but as panel member Lee Ji Hae rightly points out, they might have the same stuff but it’s in different positions. Jung In and Jung Chi give it a try anyway and the results are umm…interesting to say the least. They then try the famous Apple style with eye dazzling results. Next is the fully pulled back style or as I like to call out, the forehead expose. This time, though, not even Jung In can say a word of praise about it. 


At this point they talk about how neither of them have any complexes and Jung In even mentions that she was once told that she looked like Lee Hyori. Jung Chi makes sure she never says that again by telling her that even if she hears someone say that, she must feign ignorance. Last on the list of hair styles to try is Won Bin’s style. Jung In gets to work creating another masterpiece, straightening out and combing over Jung Chi’s hair with the care and attention befitting a professional designer. Unfortunately, unlike a professional designer, the results are not brilliant. Jung In mentions that he now looks like a mix between Won Bin and Jack Black. Jung In eventually gives up and the both of them hurry over to a professional to try and salvage what little style Jung Chi has left.


JungcHugh Grant or just an old lady with a perm

The couple arrive at their regular hair salon and the designer is left shocked the moment Jung Chi walks in through the door. They then begin to talk about styles in earnest and the designer mentions that Jung Chi’s agency president, Yoon Jong Shin, has suggested a style for him. He says that Jung Chi looks like actors Han Suk Kyu and Hugh Grant for a split second. Now this is either an attempt to flatter one of his prize artists or Jong Shin’s attempt to cement Jung Chi’s place in the history of variety shows.

우리 결혼했어요 S4.E184.130824.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_snapshot_00.47.11_[2013.08.25_19.56.14]

Either way, the designers get to work on what is probably their toughest ever assignment, getting Jung Chi’s hair style in such way that he looks like Hugh Grant. The in progress style certainly leans more towards variety show stardom with Jung Chi looking like a lady in her late 50s. But the designer presses on and the final results aren’t actually too bad. Yoon Jong Shin also seems to be happy about it when they called him to ask, saying that he finally looks like a Seoul person.


Jung In describes Jung Chi new found style by saying that his face is now harder to draw. Where previously you could draw his face with just 6 strokes (One for the face outline, Two for the Eyes, Three for the Hair Style, and none for the nose and mouth), it now takes a few more strokes to draw his new hair. She is now worried that his new complex look might lack mass appeal. Personally, I think he’ll be fine.


Your theories won’t help you once push comes to shove

 We are now at a cafe and surprisingly it’s not Taemin and Na Eun. It’s actually Taemin and Key together once again. So why is Key here today? Well it appears that Taemin has prepared something a little special for Key, with Key saying how this is the best gift he’s ever gotten from Taemin since their debut. Taemin has organized a double date, and Key’s partner for the day is none other than A Pink‘s Busan girl Jung Eun Ji. Key had previously mentioned her while in Japan and it appears that Taemin took that into consideration when organizing this date. Key talks about how he is a big fan of her, how he has watched all her dramas and even paid to buy her character in a game. He even went and looked up Eun Ji’s ideal type. Key is adamant that he matches up with her ideal type perfectly because he has no double eye lids (Even though he kind of does), has a high nose bridge and looks lovely when he smiles. Taemin quickly corrects him with a laugh saying that while he may laugh genuinely, that doesn’t mean he looks lovely doing it.

Taemin even brings up how Key spent ages at the duty free store to look for a gift, saying how he is “dirty.” He even talks about how Key drank the night before with a bunch of staff members because he couldn’t sleep. It appears that despite all those relationship theories he taught to Taemin, when push comes to shove, even Key isn’t immune from the butterflies that wriggle around in his stomach before a date.


Surprise Camera Galore~ Taemin gets some revenge

Taemin mentions how they haven’t told Eun Ji that this was a double date yet. Taemin’s reasoning is that he wants to ask her what she thinks about Key before figuring out it is a date. Which is fine and all but Key happens to be there as well and you certainly won’t get a 100% true answer when the person you’re talking about happens to be right next to you. This is when they devise a little plan. Key is going to dress up as a worker in the cafe and be in the background while they talk with Eun Ji. They test this trick out first with Na Eun and initially results are pretty good. She doesn’t notice him when she first gets there, but he is instantly caught out when he stands near their table.

With the test done, it’s time for the real thing. Eun Ji arrives and Key hurriedly takes his position. Unfortunately, to the frustration of Key, Taemin takes this time to get some revenge and keeps asking Eun Ji questions that are unrelated to Key. He eventually gets back on topic and asks Eun Ji who she likes amongst the SHINee members. Key looks on eagerly but his hopes are soon shattered when Eun Ji mentions Onew instead. Taemin then continues to talk about things that aren’t Key related, much to annoyance of the pretend waiter glaring at him. Key vents his anger by giving the girls soft drink but giving Taemin just a glass of water. Eventually Key walks up to the table to take their order and cue Music Video.

우리 결혼했어요 S4.E184.130824.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_snapshot_00.33.24_[2013.08.25_20.14.34]

Next Week…

The Key – Eun Ji, Taemin – Na Eun double date heads off to a little amusement park, where both boys will hopefully prove that they are tough men, capable of protecting their damsel in distress. In this case, protect them from flying off the disc to certain pain and embarrassment.

This has been this week’s rather long winded Soompi’s WGM Recap. Normal service shall hopefully resume next week once  is back. Thanks for reading and ta da~


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