[Recap] I Miss One Week and Everything Changes – We Got Married 08.31.13

This week on “We Got Married,” Jinwoon brings Go Joon Hee to tears, Taemin and Son Na Eun double date with Jung Eun Ji and Key, and Jo Jung Chi and Jung In stroll down memory lane. 

I missed one week and everything changed – This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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As some of you may have noticed, I (Noona) took a week off to report on KCON. Lordbordem did such a great job recapping that I considered just letting him do it from now on. I’m in the middle of moving so I wasn’t going to do a recap but when I watched the episode I knew I had to write on it. It’s coming out a little late but here I am!

Wait, why is Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee on a boat? I miss one week and then the hot couple is having a getaway in Busan! After practicing satoori (a southern Korean dialect) Jinwoon takes Go Joon Hee on a romantic boat ride. At first everything is nearly perfect with the wind in the hair but then Go Joon Hee starts looking a little queasy. Didn’t Jinwoon learn anything from watching Jo Jung Chi and Jung In suffer on another boat a few weeks ago? Jinwoon puts on a brave face but it isn’t long until he’s holding on to his stomach. As sick as they looked, the two still managed to enjoy snacks. I am noticing a trend of WGM couples eating despite seasickness. 


After forgetting several times when Joon Hee’s birthday is, Jinwoon remembers that it is August 31. Since he won’t be there on her birthday, he waits until Joon Hee is busy filming her movie. She thought he went up to Seoul already but instead, Jinwoon had a elaborate surprise planned for her. Working with the movie director, he cameos as a patient and shows off his feet acting skills. After scaring Joon Hee with his creepy feet, he surprises her with a beautiful cake. She’s is so shocked and taken aback she is in near tears. That’s not all that Jinwoon prepared! He also brings out fruit punch and chicken to feed the whole staff of the movie set. Joon Hee is so happy but she doesn’t know that her birthday celebration doesn’t end here.


For the birthday finale, Jinwoon prepared a special video of K-pop idol groups like BEAST, Crayon Pop, ZE:A, and A Pink wishing Joon Hee a happy birthday. There is also a special message from Key who reminds Joon Hee of the time they surprised Jinwoon with a very embarrassing birthday dance. Lastly, Jinwoon thanks Joon Hee for being his wife and blushes from how awkward the video is. Joon Hee tears up as she watches the video that was clearly made with love. She won’t be able to forget this birthday.


I miss one week and now Taemin and Na Eun are on a double date with Key and Jung Eun Ji? What? I’m never missing another episode ever again! The double date starts off really awkwardly as a very flustered Key greets Eun Ji who had no idea this was being set up. Key is so awkward, the WGM MCs wonder where their dating coach went. Meanwhile Taemin and Na Eun very much enjoys someone else be awkward for once.


The couples go to an amusement park to continue their date. Taemin, Na Eun, and Eun Ji excitedly point out the rides while Key tries to hide his apprehension. He doesn’t like roller coasters at all, but puts on a brave face for his date. That brave face falls off as the couples ride the famous Viking ride. Key screams like a banshee as his face turns as white as his hair. He is so frightened during the ride that he completely forgets that Eun Ji is next to him and watching him. Luckily for him, she actually thought it was cute. What is this? Another surprisingly good SHINee and A Pink match? 


After the exciting Viking ride, the couples decide to take a picture with a pirate. Eun Ji tactfully tells Na Eun to rest her head on Taemin’s shoulder, which he enjoys immensely. He even gives her a thumbs up. When its Key and Eun Ji’s turn, Key reminds Taemin that he really is the dating pro as he casually puts his arms cover Eun Ji’s shoulders. How dare we doubt him.


The couples then go on another popular ride, which we will call the bouncing ride. This ride is popular in Korea for couples because it allows them to hang on to each other. Taemin knows that too, but he has trouble putting his arms around Na Eun, even though the ride director orders him to. Everyone, including Taemin, gets frustrated that Taemin can’t put his arms on Na Eun’s waist. Danny even demonstrates how todo it on a pillow and Key slyly uses the opportunity to “show” Taemin how to do it. Anyone else notice how Eun Ji doesn’t mind at all?


What’s a double date without a little competition? They start with some basketball hoops, Key and Eun Ji beat out the younger couple. Taemin and Na Eun are upset and challenge the older couple to another game. This time they use a hammer to fly a frog into a bowl. Key and Eun Ji are quite good and in their winnings discover that they are really compatible and similar. Meanwhile Na Eun and Taemin grit their teeth because even they weren’t expecting to lose to Key and Eun Ji. 

Noona’s opinion Key and Eun Ji? Keep inviting them over! Both of them have different charms than their younger members, and together they make quite the energetic and attractive couple. 


Are you really leaving me, Jo Jung Chi and Jun In? Really? That’s all I could think about as my favorite couple are reminded that their ten year anniversary is coming up. The two are ordered to make a time capsule and remember their very first date. It was awhile ago but the two remember enjoying garlic bread together at a small town bakery. They head over to see if the bakery is still there, and it is. They enjoy their garlic bread and Jung In confesses that she didn’t really like garlic bread but pretended to because Jo Jung Chi recommend it. Aw, how sweet.


After ten years this couple is very comfortable and honest around each other but it wasn’t always like that. They check their old websites and emails to go back and discover that they were actually more gross and romantic than Taemin and Na Eun! It’s hard to imagine Jo Jung Chi and Jung In being all gushy over each other, but the evidence is there. Jung In even once wrote that the stars don’t compare to the light in Jo Jung Chi’s eyes, and Jo Jung Chi once called Jung In his princess. So even this veteran couple went through a honeymoon stage. 


To continue their walk down memory lane, the couple ride a bus together. Jung In remarks that she would ride the bus for over an hour to see Jo Jung Chi, though it did not feel very long back then. She recalls how once she cried on his shoulder and asked if Jo Jung Chi also remembered. He did, sort of. When Jung In asks Jo Jung Chi to share other memories, Jo Jung Chi starts stammering and can’t give a solid answer. This makes Jung In angry, which makes Jo Jung Chi angry. “Finally” Danny exclaims, “This is the real life drama I’ve been wanting to see from this couple!” Will Jo Jung Chi and Jung In share a dark and angry bus ride as they celebrate their ten years together? Sorry Danny, but I hope not! 

I’m getting sad thinking about how this couple and Jinwoon and Joon Hee might be leaving us. I know this also means new couples, which will be fun, but I’ve gotten attached.

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