Jaejoong, Lee Jun Ki, Suzy, 4minute, Son Na Eun and More at the “Seoul International Drama Awards 2013” Red Carpet

Stars from around the world graced the “Seoul International Drama Awards 2013” on September 5 at the National Theater of Korea, including Suzy, Jaejoong, Lee Jun Ki, Nicky Wu, Fujii Mina, 4minute and more!

Click through the gallery for Soompi’s up-close and personal photos as your favorite stars did what they do best, look fabulous, if not always succeeding. Let us know what you think of the outfits the stars wore- who was the best and worst dressed?

MCs Lee Sung Jae and miss A‘s Suzy walk arm-in-arm.

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Suzy wears a nude-colored dress that almost blends into her skin.

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Japanese actress Fujii Mina, whom some might know as FT Island‘s Lee Hong Ki‘s virtual wife from “We Got Married-Global Edition.” Don’t love the frills at the end of her skirt, but love the print on the gray dress.

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Rookie girl group 2Eyes there to sing the OST track “Irony” from the drama “Birth Secret.

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Lee Jun Ki looks towards his fans while walking down the red carpet.

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Lee Jun Ki is busy filming for the currently airing drama “Two Weeks.”

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Japanese actor Renn Kiriyama has a sweet smile.

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Rocker and actor No Min Woo in a power shoulder tuxedo.

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No Min Woo has incredibly long and thin arms.

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Always a pleasure to see this well-respected actor Son Hyun Joo from the critically-acclaimed drama “The Chaser.

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JYJ‘s Jaejoong struts the red carpet.

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Jaejoong is saying hi his fans.

_DSC1414 copy

Jaejoong knows which side looks best on him.

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Child actress Kim So Hyun from “Missing You” looking her age in a short, puffy white dress.

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A Pink‘s Son Na Eun. Love her heels!

_DSC1543 copy

Love the lace detail on Son Na Eun‘s dress.


Chinese actor Nicky Wu seems a little mismatched with his dapper hair, velvet jacket, and printed pants, but he is always charming.

_DSC1300 copy

4minute in black and gold outfits. Nam Ji Hyun and So Hyun look particularly adorable.

_DSC1665 copy

Lee Jun Ki’s “Two Week” partner Park Ha Sun.

_DSC1584 copy

Park Han Sun’s dress makes her look a little old.

_DSC1587 copy

Jo BoA from “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” and “Horse Doctor.

_DSC1682 copy

Lee Soo Hyuk from “White Christmas” and “Shark.”

_DSC1692 copy

2PM‘s Junho looking more and more like an actor.

_DSC1704 copy

This “Cold Eyes” movie star goes for a classic double-breasted suit.

_DSC1722 copy

Actress Kim Yunjin from the U.S. series “Lost” and “Mistresses.

_DSC1635 copy

Lee Yoo Bi from “Gu Family Book” and “Nice Guy” is color-coordinated in red, which might not be an entirely good idea. Perhaps a different colored shoe?

So, who was the best and worst dressed?

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