Lee Kwang Soo’s Past Modeling Days and Good Samaritan Deed Gets Renewed Attention

Beloved giraffe and icon of betrayal is receiving attention once again for his past modeling days and his good Samaritan deed!

On September 9, the SBS morning show “Good Morning” aired a segment on actor and entertainer Lee Kwang Soo. The segment showed pictures from Lee Kwang Soo’s modeling days when he sported rock hard six-pack abs and buzz cut.

lee kwang soo

The segment also talked about an incident in which Lee Kwang Soo helped out a senior couple. He saw the senior couple on the floor bleeding with an intoxicated male standing next to the couple with a bottle in his hand. Lee Kwang Soo stopped this male and directly reported him and the incident to the police.

Whileoin the variety show “Running Man” Lee Kwang Soo plays dirty tricks and runs away in fear, in real life he seems to do anything but!

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