SBS Inkigayo 11.03.13- K.Will Wins with “You Don’t Know Love”

This week on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” K.Will took the win with “You Don’t Know Love,” going up against SHINee‘s “Everybody” and Park Ji Yoon‘s “Mr.Lee.” Congratulations, K.Will!

The comeback stages this week were from Trouble Maker with “Now,” “U-KISS” with “She’s Mine,” and A-JAX with “Snake.”

Next week, we will see the return of Taeyang and miss A!

This week’s performances are from SHINee, K.Will, G-Dragon, Trouble Maker, IU, T-ara, Kahi, Lim Chang Jung, U-KISS, A-JAX, Nine Muses, BESTie, Topp Dogg, N-Sonic, M.Pire, Tint, Fiestar, Tae Won, and Baek Seung Hyun. Park Ji Yoon did not perform today. 

Trouble Maker- “Now” + “Attention”

U-KISS- “She’s Mine”

A-JAX- “Snake”

SHINee “Everybody”

IU “Red Shoes”

G-Dragon medley “Black” + “Who You” + “Crooked”

T-ara “No.9”

K.Will “You Don’t Know Love”

Lim Chang Jung “Open the Door”

Nine Muses “Gun”

Next page: Kahi, BESTie, Tae Won, Fiestar, M.Pire, N-Sonic, Tint, Topp Dogg, Baek Seung Hyun

Kahi- “It’s Me”

BESTie- “Love Condition”

Tae Won “Sad Song”

Fiestar- “I Don’t Know”

M.Pire- “I’m Better”

N-Sonic- “Run&Run”

Tint- “Love at First Sight”

Topp Dogg- “Use Your Words”

Baek Seung Hyun- “Wait a Minute”

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