2NE1 Releases “Missing You” Single and MV

After a rapid blaze of teasers, 2NE1 has finally released the music video and track of their latest single, “Missing You.”

YG Entertainment previously announced there will be nudity in the music video, portrayed by member CL. It had said, “2NE1’s CL, who has an image of overflowing confidence, will try her hand in filming nude scenes for the group’s upcoming music video. Rather than showing her sexy image, CL will tastefully and artistically show the feminine side as well as the inner beauty of mixed feelings of sadness. It will be a mysterious scene.”

See the music video for yourself below and tell us what you think.

The first performance of “Missing You” will be on Friday, November 22 KST at the 2013 MAMA.

2NE1 has also announced a world tour through a video. In it, the members said that the tour will begin in Seoul in March 2014, and they will visit China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and more. They also hinted that if there was enough fan support in countries other than the ones listed, there might be more additions to the tour if foreign promoters contacted them. Go Blackjacks!!!