Minzy of 2NE1 Admits to Plastic Surgery on Her Nose

There have been speculations about 2NE1 member Minzy getting plastic surgery recently as netizens pointed out that the idol star looked different in her recent photos compared to her past photos. Related sources to Minzy initially denied the plastic surgery rumors, claiming that Minzy was just getting prettier as she blossomed into a young woman. Read the full statement here.

Now, Minzy has come out to admit that she received plastic surgery on her nose. She spoke with local news agency Osen and said, “There has been a lot of talk recently about my changed appearace. I’m not the type to hide anything so I wanted to quickly come out and say it. Since long ago, I suffered when I was singing and dancing due to my rhinitis. When I went to hospital, they told me I needed surgery because my nose was crooked toward the front.”

About the surgery itself, Minzy said, “Since I’ve never underwent surgery before, I was worried. My mother suggested that since I was already getting corrective surgery to straighten my nose, I should also get plastic surgery. So I worried over it even longer.” 

In addition to her own concerns about the surgery, Minzy was also worried about her CEO, Yang Hyun Suk‘s response. She thought he would definitely oppose it, but when she brought it up to him, she explained, “I was suprised by the completely different response.” To Minzy, Yang Hyun Suk cited previous YG artists Gummy and Wheesung as examples of singers who also suffered from rhinitis. He suggested that Minzy follow her mother’s advice.  After gathering her thoughts and courage, Minzy went ahead with the nose surgery.

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