[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup December Week 2

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup! 

This week in Korean entertainment news…

  • Nice save? Awkward save? Lee Hong Ki tried to hide his wardrobe malfunction but ended up looking like he was touching himself the whole time while he was singing. 
  • Director Kim Jo Kwang Soo‘s application to be legally married to his partner, Kim Seung Hwan, has been rejected by the district office. They’ll keep trying, but if anything, they have brought the issue of same-sex marriage up to the headlines.

The fashion pictorial of the week goes to Kim Woo Bins girlfriend, Yoo Ji Ahn. I know she’s a model so she has to look good, but she looks so beautiful and sexy in this pictorial! I don’t know who is more lucky: Kim Woo Bin or Yoo Ji Ahn. I hope their relationship lasts and they make beautiful tall babies together for the Korean entertainment.

Next…The Christmas songs are rolling in…

The music video of the week goes to Mystic89‘s “Christmas Wishes.” It’s almost the holiday season, and this video has some of the most unique and sultry voices in K-Pop. You can also listen to the male artist Christmas song “Winter Sky Star.”

Other notable music videos:

In other music news:

  • Dazed Digital picked their top ten K-Pop picks of 2013. Looks like a lot of western media sources are looking into K-Pop, most likely to get some extra page views.
  • SM and YG were voted as the top agencies of this year, and Mystic89 and Starship were also praised. I don’t know how much of this really matters, since the votes were from agency heads so they were pretty much voting for themselves.

The SNS photo of the week goes to Click-B, and their very different before and after photo. I really loved this group back in the day! I had the biggest crush on Yun Suk and developed this obsession with guys wearing ski goggles. 

Also, check out the week’s Instagram collection!

Next…The Heirs” has ended. How do you feel?

The Heirs” is over! Are you relieved or sad? The main cast of the drama picked their favorite scenes; what are some of yours?

In other drama and film news….

  • Lordborden wasn’t too impressed with the first two episodes of “Prime Minister and I.” Read his review here.

Who is hosting what at the end of year awards:

Rain will be having his own reality program called “Rain Effect.” I guess after already using “Rainism” and “It’s Raining,” he’s running out of rain puns. 

In other variety news…

  • Grandpa’s Over Flowers” will be back for a third season once “Nunas Over Flowers” ends.

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