2NE1’s Park Bom Suspects Something Is Going on Between Minzy and MBLAQ’s Mir?

The first episode of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D” uncovered some juicy details between 2NE1’s Minzy and MBLAQ’s Mir, and 2NE1 members weren’t afraid to tell.

On December 24, the first episode of “Beatles Code 3D” had guests DJ DOC and 2NE1, with the guests unafraid to share inside secrets. Most notably were the comments made by 2NE1’s Park Bom. During the broadcast, Park Bom mentioned while reading her Christmas card to Minzy, “I could have heard wrong…I was with you when you ate with Mir that time…I thought that you and Mir has something going on…is it true? If not, whatever.” The comment, directed to Minzy, caused the studio MCs and guests to become curious about the juicy inside secret.

Mir minzy

In response, Mir, who was one of the MCs for the show, tried to answer, “Minzy thinks about things deeply so, since I am young I wanted to learn.. ” Yet Park Bom responded, “But you two continued to speak only to each other,” raising suspicion between the two singers. Whatever the secret may be between Minzy and Mir, we will never know unless it is mentioned again. 

Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D” airs every Tuesdays at 11PM(KST).