“The Heirs” Appears in “Man from the Stars”?

These little tidbits are always fun. Did you know that the world of “The Heirs” crosses over in the world of “Man from the Stars“? 

The assistant PD of the currently airing SBS drama, “Man from the Stars,” revealed that the writer of drama, Park Ji Eun, had a little fun while writing the script. Park Ji Eun, who enjoys adding little parodies inside of her work, named a entertainment agency trying to scout Jun Ji Hyun‘s character, Chun Song Yi, as Jeguk. Chun Song Yi’s mom brags to her friends, “Jeguk and Phantom call so many times!” Viewers of “The Heirs” will recognize that name as that of the conglomerate Kim Tan’s (Lee Min Ho) family runs. Jeguk Entertainment is one of the 11 subsidiaries of the Jeguk Group.

Park Ji Eun also referenced Kim Soo Hyun‘s movie “Secretly and Greatly” when she had Jun Ji Hyun’s character say to Do Min Joon (played by Kim Soo Hyun), “How do you not know me? Are you from North Korea?” In “Secretly and Greatly,” Kim Soo Hyun played a North Korean spy sent to South Korea on a mission. 

The production team of “Man from the Stars” promises that there will be a lot more of these little tidbits of laughs, so stay tuned! “Man from the Stars” airs on SBS, Wednesday-Thursday at 10PM KST.