SISTAR’s Hyorin Talks About Her and the Group’s Income

On December 31, SISTAR’s leader and main vocalist Hyorin talked about her income during her appearance in the variety program “Beatles Code 3D”

When Shin Dong Yup said to Hyorin, “I heard that you are the top in your group to have earned the most income” to which the singer replied, “That’s not true anymore.”

Hyorin continued on, “In the past, I used to earn a lot because I filmed some pictorials and commercials for beverages. But now, all the members of SISTAR are doing their own thing and so their incomes have increased. In fact, I’m the one who spends a lot. A lot of money was spent because of my solo album, along with my album cover and music video which were all filmed in the UK.”

Many of the comments from the netizens who watched the program included, “I always thought she was number one,” and “Then is Bora the top earner?”