Dal Shabet’s Subin Reveals She Auditioned for the Yoon Jin Role on “Reply 1994”

On January 1, Subin of girl group Dal Shabet appeared as one of the guests on MBC’s “Radio Star,” and revealed she auditioned to play Yoon Jin on tvN’s “Reply 1994.”

During the show she revealed, “I auditioned for the role of Yoon Jin played by Do Hee from the group Tiny-G.”

After hearing this, MC Kim Gura asked, “Didn’t everyone from the Jeolla Province audition for that role? I heard singer Hong Jin Young got the part, but she couldn’t be in the drama because of schedule conflicts.” Subin remarked, “I also thought I got the part,” and made everyone on set burst in laughter. She attracted much attention as she recited one of Yoon Jin’s lines from the drama.

Meanwhile, Subin evoked laughter on the show when she requested Kim Gura for criticism saying, “I have a feeling our album will do well if we get criticized by Kim Gura.” Dal Shabet will be releasing their new album January 8 with a sexy concept, whose teasers you can view here

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