The Return of Hyun Bin, Kang Dong Won and Rain

Hyun Bin, Kang Dong Won, and Rain are back. The mention of just their names could cause significant heart palpitations. These three heartthrobs have returned from a leave of absence from the entertainment industry to fulfill military duties, and they will be meeting audiences once more this year through their upcoming movies.

Numerous fans and reporters gathered at the headquarters of the Marine Corps in December 2012, where Hyun Bin’s military discharge ceremony was being held. He was in tears, as he spoke about how much he missed acting.

Hyun Bin will be in an upcoming film titled, “The King’s Wrath,” which tells the story of King Jeongjo. Hyun Bin plays King Jeongjo, while Han Ji Min will be taking on the role of Dowager Queen Jeongsun. While there are many dramas and films that have covered King Jeongjo’s era, “The King’s Wrath” won’t be the usual political fare covering King Jeongjo’s rise to power. Instead it will tell the story surrounding King Jeongjo’s assassination conspiracy, and has the distinction of covering events that happened within only one day. This will be Hyun Bin’s first project post-discharge and it will also be his first attempt at sageuk (historical drama).

Kang Dong Won quietly entered the military in 2010, and was discharged just as quietly in November 2012. Aside from commercials, he hasn’t done any other projects, but he will be returning via a film by director Yoon Jong Bin, “Kundo: Age of the Rampant.” While his other project, “The X,” a short film promoting CJ CGV’s ScreenX, made it to the screen first premiering at the Busan International Film Festival in October, his first acting project was indeed “Kundo.”

Director Yoon Jong Bin gained recognition as a box-office hit maker with 2012 film, “Nameless Gangster,” and with the addition of Ha Jung Woo’s star power and the return of Kang Dong Won, expectations are undoubtedly high for this upcoming movie. Filming for “Kundo” took place across the country last summer, and the movie is likely to be released in summer 2014. Kang Dong Won took on the role of Jo Yoon, bastard son of a millionaire.

Kang Dong Won’s next project, “My Palpitating Life,” is a film by director Lee Jae Yong. He will play a married couple with actress Song Hye Gyo with a son suffering from a rare genetic disease. The movie is attracting attention because of its two leads, the movie industry’s so-called “top visuals.”

Singer-actor Rain finished his military service in July 2013. He’s certainly had a lot going on, what with his romantic relationship with actress Kim Tae Hee being revealed, and the military controversy that followed.

First appearing at the Mnet Asia Music Awards, Rain is now busy making his comeback with his new album “Rain Effect.” He has chosen to return to film via Hollywood movie, “The Prince,” alongside the likes of Bruce Willis and John Cusack. The movie is helmed by director Bruce Miller.

He completed filming for “The Prince,” an action thriller, in America last month and is now busy with his album promotions and reality show. Rain has been in Hollywood movies before, appearing in “Speed Racer” and “Ninja Assassin.” Will he be able to find box office success with “The Prince”?

Which actor are you most excited to watch on movie or TV?