Lee Jong Suk Wants to Keep Hush Hush About Dancing in His Underwear for “Hot-Blooded Youth”

On the December 5 episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,” actors Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young were interviewed at the press conference for their movie “Hot-Blooded Youth.”

During the interview, Lee Jong Suk commented that there was scene in the movie in which he dances in his white underwear. He added that he couldn’t explain more because it could be a spoiler for the movie, to which Park Bo Young hilariously replied, “What spoiler?” At this, Lee Jong Suk commanded, “Be quiet,” as he grew red in the face and everyone started laughing. 

Following this, a scene from “Hot-Blooded Youth” was shown, which portrays Lee Jong Suk dancing in his white underwear in front of the camera. Everyone at the studio fell into laughter at this scene, raising expectations for the movie.

lee jong suk hot-blooded youth

“Hot-Blooded Youth” is a romantic comedy flick set in 1982 where certain crazy events shake up the community of Chungcheong-do province. The plot follows the lives of four high school students, played by Park Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Se Young and Kim Young Kwang as they go on to figure out romance and life. “Hot-Blooded Youth” will hit theaters on January 23. 

Watch the trailer below.