What Will Be Kim Soo Hyun’s Next Project- From Alien to Vampire?

All eyes are on actor Kim Soo Hyun as he rides another career high with his hit SBS drama “Man from the Stars.” In it, he plays an alien, Do Min Joon, who was stranded on earth 400 years ago during Korea’s Joseon dynasty. Intelligent and handsome, he took on the persona of a dignified scholar during the Joseon era, and now in contemporary time, he is a university professor. Kim Soo Hyun’s perfect portrayal of a Joseon scholar particularly drew the eyes of his fans; thus the enthusiastic response to the possibility that the actor may be playing a Joseon era vampire scholar next after his current drama.

Rumors that Kim Soo Hyun might be cast in an live action version of the manwha “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” started when it became know that a subsidiary company, Contents K,  of the actor’s agency, Keyeast, bought the rights to the manwha with plans of a drama production. “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” centers on a Joseon era vampire in the guise of a scholar.

On the possibility of Kim Soo Hyun playing a vampire next after his alien role, a rep from his agency commented, “Since Kim Soo Hyun is absorbed in filming ‘Man from the Stars’ currently, it is too early to talk about his next project. We haven’t even talked internally with Contents K.”

As of now, Kim Soo Hyun’s casting as a vampire is mere speculation, but speculation that has fans in a frenzy and the imagination running wild with the incredible similarity between Kim Soo Hyun’s Do Min Joon character in a hanbok and the image of the vampire scholar from the manwha.

What do you think, Soompiers? Would you be excited to see Kim Soo Hyun as a Joseon era vampire scholar? What other actor can you imagine in the role?

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