[Gallery] Performances and Highlights from the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

On February 12, the 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards in Seoul awarded some of the hottest names in K-Pop for their achievements in 2013. Girls’ Generation, EXO, Sistar, miss A, B.A.P and so many other artists were to attend, receive awards, and perform their hits from 2013 on this three hour long show. After covering the fashion trends (a lot of black and white) on the red carpet, and congratulating the proud winners (with photos!), it is now time for performances and highlights from the show. Each artist performed their most popular song from 2013, and the show itself was a nostalgic celebration of the colorful year 2013 was for K-Pop.

Click through the gallery to see the photos and read commentary from Noona, who was there as press for the event. 


The MCs of the night were Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and announcer Oh Sang Jin. Yuri was a very articulate and lovely host, and convinced me that she may be one of the best Girls’ Generation members at MCing.


Girls’ Generation gave the first performance of the night “I Gotta Boy.” 


Reply 1994” couple Dohee and Kim Sung Kyun were the first award presenters of the night. Dohee mentioned that she and her Tiny-G members were working hard right now, and maybe they will be able to stand on the stage as winners next year. Tiny-G is very talented (did you watch our interview with them?) so I have no doubt that they could make that happen! 


I just realized these pictures are not in order. No matter! 2NE1 performed “Missing You” and were showered with glittery confetti. It was very pretty to watch, and it was also fun to watch the show staff hurry on stage to clean up all the confetti right after.


4Minute showed some cool choreography moves before they started “What’s Your Name?” I like how their outfits show each member’s different styles.


EVERYONE was singing along with APink during their “No No No” number. Even me. Even the die hard EXO fans who sat next to me was shouting. 


B.A.P had one of the cooler performers of the night when they came down on wires to the sounds of police sirens and helicopters. They performed “One Shot,” even though they promoted it before “Bad Man.” I don’t think anyone minded.


The artists had a section to themselves during the show, and sometimes they would bounce over to another artist’s table to say hello. Girls’ Day looks a little bored here, but they were all smiles during the show. 


The rookies of the year, BTS, gave a very energetic performance of “No More Dream.” When they lifted their shirts during the choreography, thousands of hormonal teenage girls screamed bloody murder. 


Crayon Pop, of course, performed “Bar Bar Bar.” Even if it was a remix version, I wonder if they ever feel weary singing this song. It doesn’t show during the performance though!


Dynamic Duo worked the crowd with their medley of “Three Dopeboyz” and “Baaam.” When they were walking through the artist section BTS went crazy like true fanboys. 


Girl’s Day performed “Expectation” and I don’t even remember their performance because I was too distracted by their very loyal and very loud fanboy that sat behind me. He proudly held up the sign that says “Girl’s Day is so beautiful” during the entire performance. He was very consistent: Every time Girl’s Day appeared on the screen he would give a loud whoop, without fail. One day I wish to be as loyal and consistent about something as that guy.


Jung Joon Young gave one of the earlier performances of the night. I used to recap “We Got Married” and so I got very misty thinking about that show. I wonder if his wife was watching him somewhere?


There was a noticeable trend of glitter and sparkle for the performance costumes that night. Ladies’ Code performed “Pretty,” and gave off a strange Wonder Girls vibe. Then today they came out with “So Wonderful.” Coincidence? 


Lim Kim gave a very surprising performance. She appeared on stage wearing a hat, and I couldn’t tell who it was. After showing off some slick dance moves, she moved on to a very cool remix of “Alright.” It was one of my favorite performances of the night.


miss A started off the second half of the show with “Hush.” We all knew they were going to perform when they brought out the shower curtains. Suzy apparently had a wardrobe malfunction, but I didn’t notice anything while I was watching the show. Props to you, Suzy!


Sistar took a lot of awards tonight, especially with Sistar19 and Soyou. They gave a very sultry performance of “Give It to Me.” 


This was the performance I was looking forward to. I loved Soyou x Mad Clown‘s “Stupid in Love” and it seemed everyone else agreed because they were all singing it with them (especially the part that goes “aneeaneeyaaaah.”) The only disappointing part of it was that they were lip syncing (I had my proof when Mad Clown kept “rapping” even after he put his mic down). 


Ah, Sistar may have won a lot of awards but it was EXO who took over the show. EXO was the magic word. Whenever anyone said their name or if they appeared on the screen even for a second, the whole arena went crazy with ear popping screams. 


I know I have more pictures of EXO in here than anyone else, but I like this picture of Baekhyun. The screams got to loud at once point I had to stop live tweeting because I needed my fingers to cover my ears. 


The show ended with “Wolf” and “Growl.” When they were performing, poor passive attendees like me couldn’t even see because their fans had starting running to the front and standing up in their seats. More than once had I bumped into some crazy sasaeng worthy camera lens the fan had somehow snuck in. As I look at these pictures I think to myself, “ah, so that’s what the performance looked liked.”

Despite the crazy screaming, it was a fun night! If you want, need more, head over to my Twitter to relieve the night through my live tweets. Fair warning to you: in the beginning my live tweets start off very creepy with updates on Tao and others going to the bathroom. 

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