Production Team Gives Tantalizing Hint: “Man from the Stars” Ending to be Unpredictable

With the SBS drama “Man from the Stars” ending this week, the interest in its finale is at its peak. The result of such fervor means that the production and filming is in lock down, with every detail and the staff kept hush-hush. Yet the production team can’t help teasing fans, releasing little tidbits here and there, and giving very limited and vague news about the finale. Yesterday, the production team of “Man from the Stars” revealed that the final episode script was completed, with minor editing still ongoing. Such is the state of a drama that must respond quickly to any possible leaks about its highly-anticipated finale. 

The production team threw another bone today, revealing, “Like how there was a variety of things foreshadow, the ending will also unfold at a completely different level from before.” This doesn’t give us much to work with, but it does hint that whatever we are speculating right now, we just continue speculating some more.

The penultimate episode airs today, Wednesday February 26 KST. The finale airs the next day, February 27. “Three Days,” starring Park Yoochun and Son Hyun Joo follows next.