[Exclusive] Download 2NE1’s “All or Nothing” Mobile Theme + Win Signed CDs and Up to $100 in Gifts!

Update: Check below for the winners!

Hey Soompiers!

Did you like CNBlue’s latest mobile theme from Dodol Launcher? If so, you’ll enjoy 2NE1’s theme as well!

Dodol Launcher is a product from Camp Mobile where you can easily customize your smartphone. They teamed up with YG Entertainment to bring you a pretty nifty opportunity to customize your smartphone with all things 2NE1. Some of the special features include 2NE1’s photobook, ringtones, alarms, and not to mention decorating your keyboard and fonts and.. oh, the possibilities! (Go to the very end of the article for more K-Pop idol themes!)

Please note that this app is only available on Android. But, you came in here to win a CD? No problem! You can still participate. Keep on reading. ^^

 2ne1 dodol aon

Soompi will be giving away some cool prizes for people who download 2NE1’s mobile theme app from Monday, March 10 at 6pm (KST) to Sunday, March 16 at 6pm (KST).

The contest is a little different this time around, so please take a look at the instructions below!


Download Here!


Share Linkhttp://bit.ly/1gkoYiJ

*Instagram Linkhttp://instagram.com/dodol_official

*Please include your Instagram account only if you’ve followed Dodol Launcher’s Instagram. Otherwise, just need to comment below with your Twitter account to win a prize!

So, we’ll be giving out prizes depending on how many total downloads there are! Whether it’s three signed 2NE1 “Crush” albums or eight signed albums along with $100 iTunes gift card, it’s up to you!

And remember! If you’re an iPhone user, you can still participate by asking an Android friend to help you out. ^^

IMPORTANT: Please note that we will contact you through Twitter if you’re one of the lucky winners, so don’t forget to check your mentions and direct messages! You will need to reply to us in the next 24 hours after our message!

Blackjacks, are you ready? Show us the power of your fandom!

# of downloads (from 3/10 ~ 3/16 KST) : 18,987


  • @Wnxxx
  • @verygxxd 
  • @stephv92 
  • @IanErikFlores 
  • @Tiffani_NurZ 
  • @aiyuaena 
  • @jUliA246829 

Click on the icon below to open up the download link for that artist or group~


You don’t like K-Pop or not a fan of having your phone plastered with an artist? No problem! (Except.. why are you here? LOL) 

Go to their site for interesting themes: http://dodol.naver.com/launcher


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