[Noona Approves] Idols Who Rock the Guy-Liner (EXO, MBLAQ, Big Bang, SHINee + More!)

Idol + Eyeliner = Oh yes, Noona approves.

Click through the gallery to see Noona’s favorite handsome face and eyeliner combinations. If you think I’ve missed any, share in the comments below!

CallMeN00NA is the only Noona that ever was. 


If you’re going to debut in a group with twelve members (EXO), you need to stick out somehow, and Baekhyun decided that eyeliner would be his thing. Right from the start, Baekhyun declared that he was the one in charge of wearing the eyeliner, and he deserved that role. It did get a bit getting used to when he wasn’t wearing the eyeliner, but by now we are all more than familiar with his, with or without.


This picture makes me nervous. I feel like I could get into trouble for looking at this picture. There’s so much about this picture that just exudes…voluptuousness. The collar bones, the perfect line of sweat, that open mouth, and his blonde locks that begs to be tousled ….Let’s focus on the eyeliner. The eyeliner looks great. Sehun doesn’t really need eyeliner, since he has such great sharp features, but when he does wear eyeliner, it just turns it all up a notch.


The other EXO maknae also looks good in eyeliner. Sehun and Tao both have sharp eyes, which we will be seeing a lot in this gallery, so they both look great in eyeliner. For Tao, it just makes his features more exotic, heh heh heh. Do you see what I did there? Exotic.


One of my favorite English speaking pretty boys, U-KissKevin knows very well that he looks very good in eyeliner and a touch of smokey eye makeup. He’ll often be rocking for his performances.

Kevin also recently had the most enviable Twitter party with a bunch of other English speaking idols. 


Infinite‘s Sung Gyu is usually seen performing with eyeliner on. In this picture, he also has some peachy eye shadow that makes the black eyeliner stick out a little more.

Also, ever since I read that Kwanghee thinks he looks like a fox, I can’t unsee it. 


Infinite also has another member who looks great in eyeliner, L. Actually L looks great in anything, he has a very pleasing face. Actually, all the Infinite members look good in eyeliner. For L, the eyeliner just makes his already handsome face, painfully more handsome. It hurts to look at him. It hurts the very core of my deep Noona feels to look at that face.

lee joon

Now let’s add some sparkles! Lee Joon stole my heart when he debuted with MBLAQ with his sharp jawline and foxy smile. Then I found out he has this goofy and stubborn personality, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Now I can’t take my eyes off that mole on his neck. That’s a nice mole. I want to poke it.

Right, eyeliners. Smokey eye makeup also works for Lee Joon, and somehow he doesn’t look too feminine with it.


MBLAQ’s Thunder is also known for his eyeliner. There are other photos where the eyeliner is more subtle, but I like this magazine pictorial. The thick winged eyeliner would be too much for just a regular day, but it works really well for this high fashion pictorial. Plus, that look! Those eyebrows! I love dark eyebrows on blonde hair, and this is a great example of why it works (and why bleach eyebrows don’t work as well).


SHINee wore a lot of heavy eyeliner for their “Everybody” promotions. “How could this be a bad idea?” thought the stylist until she watched them blink back black tears and use their finger tips to gently dab at their eyes when they started sobbing at award shows. Come on, even I, know that the SHINee members are huge cry babies and there hasn’t been an eyeliner invented yet that can withhold the powerful tear ducts of these guys.

Sure they look good in eyeliner, but winners win awards. She should have seen this coming.


T.O.P was chosen as one of the sexiest icons of 2013, and he fully has Noona’s approval. He has unbelievably good looks and eyeliner just makes everything more intense. I want him to hug me, even though he could probably hurt me with all those spikes. I want to be that oxygen mask on his face. I want to convert carbon monoxide to oxygen to get that close to his face.


G-Dragon doesn’t give me the same feels as T.O.P, but this famous fashionista likes to add a touch of eyeliner to complete his radical and colorful looks. There are more pleasing photos of G-Dragon and eyeliner out there, but I chose this one because I like his frosted lips.

yang yo seob

After looking at a few colorful and extravagant photos, BEAST‘s Yang Yo Seob tones things down by keeping it simple with a selca. The close up photo also shows what kind of difference eyeliner can make as we compare Yo Seob and Yoon Do Joon. Also worth pointing out: their skin looks so even and soft looking. I need this filter in my life.


Oh Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren. What will Noona do with you? I am still in shock, in SHOCK, how comfortable and effortless-looking his performance in “Boy’s Day” was. Seriously. One day I hope to be as comfortable as being a woman as Ren looked on that stage. One day.

When Ren first debuted looking like that, I secretly thought he was actually a girl cross dressing as a guy. I thought we would finally have that gender bending story from the dramas and fanfics come to life, until I saw a photo of NU’EST frolicking on a beach for an album shoot and my dreams were dashed. I was sad. Not because I actually believed in my theory, but because it would have been the coolest thing ever for someone to actually pull it off.

Maybe I just have to make my own idol band and stick a convincing tomboy in there to make things interesting.

jang geun suk

Honorary mention! Not an idol, but still looks just as great with eyeliner. Jang Geun Suk can go from sweet puppy-man to moody artist with two sweeps of the eyeliner.

lee jun ki

Also worth mentioning, Lee Jun Ki. He was one of the first pretty boys to steal the hearts of Korean women everywhere. He’s tone down the androgynous look a lot as he has gotten older, and you don’t see him with dark eyeliner anymore (aside from photo shoots) but still, he deserves a mention. Lee Jun Ki eased me into the world of prettier-than-me Korean men, and honestly, if it wasn’t for him, I’d probably be freaking out a lot more about “Boy’s Day” than I already did.

So this is Noona’s list of Korean men (boys?) who look great with eyeliner. Did I miss anyone worth mentioning? Share below!

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