Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Woo Bin Make a Clumsy Cheating Pair on “Running Man”

Many fans of “Running Man” suspected that permanent member Lee Kwang Soo and guest Kim Woo Bin would have great chemistry if they were to pair up during the show’s current overseas special, “Adventures in Australia.” They were right, as this week’s episode proved. 

Last week, Kim Woo Bin was paired with Yoo Jae Suk, and Lee Kwang Soo with Rain, but this week, partners were switched to turn things up a notch. Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Woo Bin teamed up, while Kim Jong Kook and Rain made another team. Yoo Jae Suk was paired with Ji Suk Jin, and Haha and Gary became another team. 

For one of the missions, the pairs were required to protect the water in their cups from spilling. Kim Woo Bin and Lee Kwang Soo tried to cheat by drinking water from another source and holding it within their mouths, intending to add it to their cups when no one was looking if some water spilled on the trip. Unfortunately, Rain caught Lee Kwang Soo’s eye before he could drink the extra water, preventing the “icon of betrayal” from fulfilling his character.

Lee Kwang Soo then thought of another clever plan to protect his water. He decided to drink the water in his cup and retain it in his mouth during the trip. He then spit it back out into the cup at the end, adding his spit to the water level. Once again his plan was foiled by Rain, who noticed that there was more water now in the cup than what Lee Kwang Soo started with.

The staff also questioned Kim Woo Bin, since there was too much water. Kim Woo Bin paused for a minute before he indirectly admitted he cheated with, “Let’s do this over.” Lee Kwang Soo immediately told on Kim Woo Bin, saying Kim Woo Bin was the “dirty” one, acting like he just wanted a drink of water at the beginning of the race. Kim Woo Bin also tattled on his partner, confessing that Lee Kwang Soo also tried to cheat in the beginning but was stopped in his tracks by Rain.

*Press the little blue play button on the top right of the screencaps to watch the clip.

Running man kim woo bin lee kwang soo 3

running man kim woo bin lee kwang soo

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Kwang Soo also filmed a mini music video to Rain’s “La Song” between their missions since the latter loves to pose. Kim Woo Bin sheepishly followed along, even trying to dance in his spot along with his partner. But Lee Kwang Soo’s “confident” moves proved too much for the shy actor, who couldn’t complete the music video. Watch the scene below.

running man kim woo bin lee kwang soo mv

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