MBLAQ Release Suave Individual Photos and Track List for “Broken” Comeback

Boy group MBLAQ released individual teaser photos and their track list for their upcoming mini album, “Broken” through their agency’s official Twitter account.

The individual photos show each member dressed in classy and vintage suits for a very suave look. Particularly, the group’s youngsters Mir and Thunder exude manly charisma. The images also have a ripped paper visual affect, to go with the mini album’s title, “Broken.”


The track list reveals that their main track, “Like a Man” was written by singer Wheesung. The song will be about the broken feelings a man feels after parting with the one that he loved. 

Wheesung said about the track, “MBLAQ is the only male group that I wanted to give a song to, so it was a pleasure to work with them on the album. I am thankful for MBLAQ for conveying the feelings that I wanted from this track.”

MBLAQ will release their mini album and the music video for “Like a Man” on March 24. The group will also have a comeback showcase the same day. 


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