Son Dambi and ZE:A’s Kwang Hee and Siwan Go On a Skateboarding Adventure!

Singer Son Dam Bi showed off her skateboarding skills as she seemed to enjoy a night out with ZE:A’s Kwang Hee and Siwan. On March 23, the singer posted on her Instagram, “Kwang Hee, don’t use me as support hehe,” and “What are we doing, Kwang Hee and Siwan?” The two photos showed the three singers enjoying a night out at a skate park as they had fun with their individual skateboards. Decked out in caps and sneakers,the three singers showed their different charms as the casual attires and no make up contrasted different from their typical stage presence

kwang hee son dam bi son dam bi siwan

We may not know what Son Dambi’s, Kwang Hee’s, and Siwan’s skateboarding skills may be, but what matters was that the three singers had an opportunity to get away from the spotlight by having fun through their night time adventure.