Song Seung Hun and On Joo Wan Show the Difference Between Good Guy and Bad Guy in New Movie Stills

The recently released movie stills of the upcoming movie “Human Addiction” displayed the difference between a good guy and bad guy. As Song Seung Hun acts as a military superior name Jin Pyung and On Joo Wan acts as one of Jin Pyung’s inferiors, Woo Suk, the movie will focus on two men’s love for one woman within the military quarters.

son seun hun

“Human Addiction” will display a superior officer’s innocent love for a woman that contrasts to an inferior’s manipulative use of his wife. As the new movie stills foreshadow two men’s intricate relationship with Lim Ji Yeon‘s character, Ga Heun, the movie will convey a twisted love battle. 

son seung hun

Although rivals on screen, Song Seung Hun and On Joo Wan showed their newly formed friendship off screen when resting or monitoring their scenes. As On Joo Wan’s character will use his wife, Ga Heun, to seduce Song Seung Hun’s character in order to achieve his personal goals, watch “Human Addiction” to find out how this complicated love triangle will end. 

The movie, “Human Addiction” takes place in Korea during the beginning of the Vietnam War. “Human Addiction” is set to be released in May 15.

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