[Exclusive] Lunafly Reveals Wanting to Release a Spanish Album at Press Conference in Peru

The members of Lunafly were in Peru to do several activities in part of their Latin American tour earlier last week.

On April 14, members Sam, Teo and Yun, joined by Brown Eyed GirlsJeA, landed in Peru at 11:40pm (PET) and were welcomed by dozens of dedicated fans.

lunafly 2

lunafly 3

JeA was so nice to approach the fans that were waiting for her at the airport and even made time to give out more than 50 autographs!

lunafly 4

lunafly 5

The press conference was held on April 15 at the Hotel Colón, located in the tourist district of Miraflores in Lima.

Lunafly members lighted up the room during their entrance with their megawatt smiles. There you could see floral arrangements from their Peruvian fan club as well as from other countries including Chile.

We asked the guys if they would be interested in doing a Spanish album any time soon and Sam said enthusiastically that they would love to! They also mentioned that the Spanish language was not as difficult to pronounce as they thought, and that it was amazing for them to have been able to travel to countries so far away from Korea.

Other questions they answered include: what was the craziest thing that happened to them on this tour, which places in Peru they would like to visit, what typical food they tried, and what Peruvian singers they knew about.

Stay tuned to Soompi to know the answers to these questions in our special press conference video as well as our summary of their fan meeting and concert with exclusive photos!

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lunafly 7

Sam is answering a very important question!

lunafly 8Teo listens intently to Sam.

lunafly 9

Yun looks rather preoccupied by the audience.. did someone do something interesting?

lunafly 10

Sam looks off into the distance after answering a question.

lunafly 11

Sam picks up the mic again while Teo slightly zones out- we understand! Jet lag can be rough.

lunafly 12

They’re all probably thinking about different things~

lunafly 13

Teo looks a couple years younger in this photo.. don’t you think? ^^

lunafly 14

 Yun looks over to his teammates.. is that love in his eyes?