Jin Se Yeon to Play Two Characters in

Actress Jin Se Yeon will attempt to play two roles in Doctor Stranger.”

On the 26th, the production team released stills of Jin Se Yeon playing two characters in the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger” that will air its first episode on May 5. In the drama, Jin Se Yeon plays the roles of Song Jae Hee, a North Korean medical student, and Han Seung Hee, a South Korean physician.

“Doctor Stranger” depicts a medical-intelligence melodrama about a massive conspiracy surrounding a genius doctor born in South Korea but raised in North Korea by the name of Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) and South Korea’s top elite doctor Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin.) Using Myung Woo University Hospital as the background, the drama portrays a story of love and competition with the characters standing in the center of a North Korean conspiracy to select the team members of the surgery team that will operate on the South Korean Prime Minister Jang Seok Joo (Cheon Ho Jin.)

Jin Se Yeon will be playing Song Jae Hee, the first love of Park Hoon whom he met in North Korea, and also play the role of Han Seung Hee, an anesthesiologist that possesses the same face as Song Jae Hee, but holds a mysterious identity. Jin Se Yeon will undergo an acting transformation as the heroine of this turbulent romance that frequents between North and South Korea.

The two characters Jin Se Yeon plays have direct opposite atmospheres about them in the revealed pictures. As Song Jae Hee, Jin Se Yeon shows off a bright and pure image of a female student with her long hair, clean school uniform and her fair smile, making people think of the “first love” image. On the other hand, in the other pictures as Han Seung Hee, Jin Se Yeon pulls off a perfect transformation by having the chic look down while wearing a doctor’s gown.

Jin Se Yeon has put in a lot of effort and preparation to play these two different characters that have their own charms. Rumors are spreading that Jin Se Yeon herself suggested the hairstyle for Han Seung Hee during her character study, making this the first time since her debut that Jin Se Yeon has bobbed hair, thus she is showing a different passion towards acting.

In regards to playing two entirely different characters, Jin Se Yeon relayed “This is the first time I have attempted playing two roles, and it seriously isn’t easy. It’s very difficult to grasp all of the different aspects between the characters, such as tone, choice of words, and expressions. I work really hard while acting as Song Jae Hee to show a child that is endlessly bright and pure; while acting as Han Seung Hee, I have to emotionally satisfy many things in order to make it seem as if there are many stories stored inside of her eyes.”

Jin Se Yeon then promised “Though there is a lot of burden playing two characters as I still lack in many areas, it would be nice if people watched over me as I exert myself. I will pay back my fans through working as hard as I can.”

“Doctor Stranger” will airs its first episode on May 5, with writer Park Jin Woo, who wrote the robust script that PD Jin Hyuk, who is a magician of this complex genre, will demonstrate in the drama. 



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