Director of New Film “Obsessed” Talks about Song Seung Hun and Im Ji Yeon

Kim Dae Woo, the director behind the new film “Obsessed,” expressed his firm trust towards actors Song Seung Hun and Im Ji Yeon.

Through an “Obsessed” photo diary posted on Naver, director Kim Dae Woo stated, “I can’t think of anyone else playing the part of Kim Jin Pyung other than Song Seung Hun.” 

He said, “I was first attracted to Song Seung Hun’s sculpture-like face, but I felt the sense that he had a thirst for acting.”

He commented about rookie actress Im Ji Yeon, “When I first saw her, I thought, ‘She is Ga Heun.’ Her ability to not be intimidated and make direct eye contact with Song Seung Hun made her Jong Ga Heun. Jong Ga Heun was complete because of Im Ji Yeon. The word ‘daring’ is not enough to describe her. She is going to grow as a great actress.”

The director commented about the film, “I wanted to express love, which has been a topic in my life through ‘Obsessed.’ The extremity of ‘not being able to breathe without that person, not being able to live without that person.’ ‘Obsessed’ is the implicative expression of all these things, and it’s how the film began.”

Director Kim Dae Woo’s photo diary recorded 7,485,977 hits in one day. This is the highest number of hits a photo diary has received since the photo diary section was created on the portal site. The record surpasses the record of the previous No.1 photo diary, which was “Kingdom of Monsters” with 32,316 hits.

Meanwhile, “Obsessed” premieres May 15 in theaters.


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