K-Entertainment Kids as Famous as Their Celebrity Parents

May 5 is Children’s Day in Korea, and in celebration, we’re bringing the cutest kids in Korean entertainment, not only famous because of their parents, but also as little actors and actresses, to commercial film stars, and famous TV personalities in of themselves.

Left: Yoon Min Soo (member of vocal group Vibe) and wife

Right: Yoon Min Soo with his son, Yoon Hoo.

Looks like Yoon Hoo has his mother’s eyes but his father’s nose and smile. Yoon Min Soo and Yoon Hoo appear on “Daddy, Where Are We Going?

yoon min soo and yoon hoo soompi

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk with his youngest son, Lee Jun Su. They look so much alike! They appeared on “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” season 1.

lee jong hyuk lee jun su soompi

Actor Jung Woong In and daughter, Jung Se Yoon. She has her father’s eyes. They are now appearing on “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” season 2.


Soccer player Song Jong Gook with his daughter, Song Ji Ah, and son, Song Ji Wook. You can definitely tell they are related! They appeared on “Daddy, Where Are We Going?

song jong gook and kids soompi

Actor Ryu Jin (real name Im Yoo Jin) and his son Im Chan Hyung. They have the same eyes! They appear on “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” season 2.

Ryu Jin

TV personality Kim Sung Joo with youngest son, Kim Min Yool, and oldest, Kim Min Gook. Kim Sung Joo appeared on season 1 of Daddy, Where Are We Going?“with Kim Min Gook, and season 2 with Kim Min Yool. 

kim sung joo kim min gook kim min yool superman returns soompi

Husband and hip hop artist Tablo (group Epik High), wife and actress Kang Hye Jung, and their daughter, Lee Haru. They are appearing on “Superman Returns.”

Haru tablo kang hye jung

Fellow Epik High member Tukutz and his son, Yoon Woo.

epik high tukutz and son

Chu Sung Hoon and his daughter, Chu Sarang. They are appearing on “Superman Returns.”

Chu sung hoon chu sarang

Hip hop artist Sean, actress Jung Hye Young and their children- sons Ha Rang, Ha Yool, and daughters Ha El, Ha Eum

sean jung hye young kids

First generation idol group S.E.S member Shoo‘s twin daughters, Ra Hee and Ra Yool.

superman returns

Hip hop stars Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and their son, Jordan.


YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and his son, Yang Seung Hyun, and daughter, Yang Yoo Jin.

Yang Hyun Suk and kids

Actor Kwon Sang Woo, actress Son Tae Young, and their son, Luke.


Actor Sung Do Il and his son, Joon, and daughter Bin.

sung dong il, joon, and bin soompi

MC Lee Hwi Jae and his twin sons, Seo Joon and Seo Eon. They appear on “Superman Returns.”


Actor Jang Hyun Sung and his eldest son Joon Woo and Joon Suh. They appear on “Superman Returns.”

jang hyun sung sons superman returns soompi