Changing Fan Culture: Planting Trees as Birthday Presents

The culture of gifting celebrities by planting trees has spread.

On May 6, for EXO’s Baekhyun’s birthday, his fans gave him a forest in Gangnam under his name. The project “Baekhyun Forest” was created in order to celebrate the EXO member’s birthday. It all started when twelve of his fan clubs gathered to make this happen.

The fan clubs decided to gather to fundraise for forest. The “Baekhyun Forest” is located at the Gangnam Neulbut Green Park, and so far, they planted conica spruce, meadowsweet, syringa, and many other flowers and trees. The formation of the “Baekhyun Forest” was finished on May 6, which is Baekhyun’s birthday.

In order to celebrate celebrities’ birthdays, fans have done more than giving presents. They have done donations, blood donations, giving rice, and much more, making big contributions to society. Through this, they are promoting the mature fan culture. Adding on the forest present, many are applauding the evolution in fan culture.

Furthermore, Baekhyun isn’t the first person to receive a forest present. The social company “Tree Planet” planted trees for other celebrities such as 2NE1, Shinhwa, Roy Kim, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Infinite, and many more. Also, as an actor, Ha Jung Woo was the first person to have a forest under his name.

Ha Jung Woo’s fans decided to give him a forest as a gift to celebrate his birthday and because he expressed that he liked nature. The “Ha Jung Woo Forest” is currently located at the same park as the “Baekhyun Forest.” This present for Ha Jung Woo holds more meaning as he’s the first actor to receive a forest from the fans.