EXO-K Wins No.1 with “Overdose,” Wheesung Comeback, Megan Lee, BTL Debut and More on SBS Inkigayo 05.18.14

SBS‘ “Inkigayo” has returned on air for the first time in five weeks! After the April 16 devastating Sewol ferry tragedy, SBS’ “Inkigayo” had been placed on hold due to the country’s mourning of those lost in the accident. Now it is back, following the airing of all other music shows from other TV networks. 

During the hiatus, “Inkigayo” continued to record the weekly winners, announcing through its homepage. Akdong Musician achieved a triple crown with “200%,” and HIGH4 with IU won their first no.1 on “Inkigayo” last week with “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms.”

This week’s episode featured EXO- KWheesungJunggigo4Men15&A Pink, Akdong Musician, NC.AEric NamEddy KimNS Yoon-G, M.PireMegan Lee, and BTL

This week’s front-runners were EXO-K with “Overdose,“ JungGiGo with “Want U,” and g.o.d with “Lone Duckling” and EXO-K took no.1 with “Overdose.” Congratulations!

The comeback specials this week were from EXO-K, JungGiGo, Wheesung with “Night and Day,” 4Men with “Erase,” and 15& with “Can’t Hide It.” M.Pirealso made their comeback with “Rumor.”

Megan Lee and BTL had their “Inkgiayo” debut stage today with “8dayz” and “Too-G,” respectively.

Performances will be updated as they are made available.

EXO-K winning no.1: Suho said, “Inkigayo is the best. Thank you. I want to share this honor with the EXO -M members. We also love our fans who have loved us. We thank our SM family and everyone who has helped us. To our fans who love us. We hope that the sincerity and hearts of the members and me will be relayed to you. We love you. We are one. Let’s love, EXO!” Baekhyun added, “We really love Inkigayo and our fans!” Chanyeol concluded, “We really love our fans who always believe in us.” Chanyeol also thanked his variety show “Roommate” cast members who visited “Inkigayo” to show their support.

EXO-K “Overdose”

JungGiGo “Want U”

Wheesung “Night and Day” 

4Men “Erase”

15& “Can’t Hide It”

A Pink “Mr.Chu”

Akdong Musician “Give Love”

Eric Nam “Ooh Ooh”

NC.A “I’m Different”

Eddy Kim “The Manual”

NS Yoon-G “If I Love You”

M.Pire “Rumor”

Megan Lee “8dayz”

BTL “Too-G”

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