Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, and Lee Kwang Soo Are the Best of “Good Friends” in Movie Stills

Actor Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, and Lee Kwang Soo seem to be enjoying drinking and singing through the recent stills of the movie “Good Friends.”

On May 3, in the stills where the three friends are enjoying drinking, Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, and Lee Kwang Soo are showing a side of them that hasn’t been shown before.

The three actors were able to show the deep friendship they had by drinking together and taking a selfie to preserve the moment. In the pictures, the actors seem to be really influenced by alcohol as they’re seen singing their hearts out. It’s as if we are looking into the moment that’s a secret between the three friends.

The fact that the three actors were able to act as friends and sometime as a family was thanks to the teamwork that was made by the actors. Even when there were days where there was no filming, the actors would drive to the countryside with the staff and deepened their teamwork. Even on days where they didn’t have a scene to film, they would visit the set and monitor the other actor’s performance while cheering them on.

Ji Sung expressed his feelings about filming with the other actors by saying, “As we were filming, we became very close and have a good relationship. We all became friends. I believe that energy will be shown when you watch the movie.” The director of the movie, Lee Do Yoon, said, “The set of the movie and the actors that we decided to cast, match almost 100%,” expressing how in-sync the actors were to their characters.

“Good Friends” is a crime movie that tests the loyalty between three friends through an accidental event. The movie is set to release during July.

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