“Marriage Without Love” Has First Script Reading

Pictures of actors script reading for the upcoming drama, “Marriage Without Love” has been revealed.

tvN’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama, “Marriage Without Love,” will air its first episode during July and the entire cast gathered together on May 30 at the CJ E&M Center to begin their first script reading.

“Marriage Without Love” is a story about Joo Jang Mi, played by Han Groo, who wants to get married and Gong Ki Tae, played by Yeon Woo Jin, who doesn’t want to get married. It’s a romantic comedy drama that shows both characters playing hard to get.

Gong Ki Tae is the perfect man that any woman would ask for, however, he is unwilling to get married, despite pressure from his family.

He plans to make his family members give up on the idea of marriage by introducing Joo Jang Mi as his girlfriend, knowing they wouldn’t approve of her. The two characters form a dating contract and the romance between them begins.

Han Groo, Yeon Woo Jin, 2AM‘s Jung JinwoonSecret‘s Han Sunhwa, Heo Jung Min, Yoon So Hee, Kim Young Ok, Kim Hye Sook, Im Ye Jin, Kim Kap Soo and director Song Hyun Sook attended the script reading.

The casts’ passionate acting could be seen within the pleasant atmosphere as the script reading covered the first four episodes.

Han Groo was very detailed as she continuously wrote notes on the script. Jung Jinwoon showed a mysterious charm for his character while Han Sun Hwa captured the eyes of many through her presence.

The first episode of “Marriage Without Love” will be aired on July 4.

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