VIXX’s 1st Win with “Eternity” on SBS Inkigayo, Performances from Taeyang, EXO, ZE:A, Boyfriend, U-KISS, and More!

Congrats! VIXX takes their first win with “Eternity” on the June 8 episode of SBS’ “Inkigayo.” They were up against Infinite with “Last Romeo” and Gary and Jung In with “Your Scent.”

This week’s comeback stages included Taeyang (with G-Dragon), ZE:A, Boyfriend, U-KISS, Cross Gene, and Crush. Other hot stages included those from Baek Ji Young, EXO, Kim Yeon Woo, G.NA, Jiyeon, Sweet Sorrow, NC.A, Wassup, Crush, and BTL.

VIXX winning No.1 and crying a river. VIXX thanks their fans, Starlights, their agency and staff, and each other, as well as their parents.

VIXX performing “Eternity”

Taeyang “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and “Stay with Me” with G-Dragon

Boyfriend “Intro” and “Obsession”

EXO performs “Overdose” with 11 members

ZE:A “St. Dagger” and “Breathe”

U-KISS “Quit Playing”

Sweet Sorrow “Pounding Heart”

Bay.B “Quecera Cera” 

Wassup “Fire”

BTL “Too-G”

NC.A “I’m Different”

Cross Gene- “Amazing- Bad Lady”

Kim Yeon Woo- “Move”

Crush “Hug Me”

Jiyeon “Never Ever”

G.NA “G.NA’s Secret”

Baek Ji Young “Still in Love”

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