Lee Kwang Soo Looks Dark in the New Stills of “Confession”

New stills of Lee Kwang Soo in the upcoming film “Confession” (aka “Good Friends“) have been revealed.

“Good Friends” is a crime film where the loyalties of three friends are tested through an unexpected accident, building suspicions between them. The character that Lee Kwang Soo plays, Min Soo, is loyal to his friends, who have become his only family. Lee Kwang Soo was able to perfectly express the kinds of mental changes Min Soo goes through as the story progresses, earning a lot of praise.

Moreover, in order to make his character seem more realistic, he acted out all the action scenes without using a double.

Lee Kwang Soo explained that, “The martial arts director choreographed the action scenes and after discussing it with Joo Ji Hoon, I thought it would be best for me to do it myself, so I did. Although it was painful when I got hit, it was a big help.” The staff complimented Lee Kwang Soo for being able to act out the scenes so well, naming him the “professional actor in getting hit.”

Actor Joo Ji Hoon, who acted with him said, “It hasn’t been that long since we’ve started filming and we filmed a fight scene. I’m thankful to Lee Kwang Soo for being open-minded and for doing well.”

Lee Kwang Soo has been receiving a lot of compliments from the staff for his hard work. There was a scene where he had to vomit, and in order to make it look realistic he made himself actually vomit.

Director Lee Do Yoon expressed his thankfulness towards Lee Kwang Soo by saying, “Lee Kwang Soo is working the hardest. In the film, Min Soo is a character that likes to drink alcohol and when we film that scene, he would almost drink the whole bottle.”

Also, there is a scene where Lee Kwang Soo had glass fragments stuck in his feet and despite the pain, he was able to focus on his acting, showing his professionalism. (See: Joo Ji Hoon Explains Why Lee Kwang Soo Made Him Cry) Many are anticipating this movie, as Lee Kwang Soo is passionately acting out his character with everything he has.

“Confession” will be released on July 10.

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