“The Joseon Gunman” Starring Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi Premieres Tonight, Sets Its Eyes on Double-Digit Ratings

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “The Joseon Gunman,” premieres tonight! 

Starring Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi, there are high hopes for the drama to be a ratings hit. With hitting double digits considered a difficult tasks these days in the industry, the production team of the “The Joseon Gunman” revealed that they hope to reach at least 8-9% in ratings for its premiere and grow to at least 15% later in its series’ run. “It will be possible,” the production team stated, showing confidence in its product.

The production team also added that lead Lee Jun Ki is also expecting good ratings, since his sageuk dramas have always done well. “We expect that the drama structure as well as its development will draw audiences in.” Regarding the actor himself, the team stated, “Lee Jun Ki is working the hardest at filming than anyone else.”

“The Joseon Gunman” takes place during the enlightenment era of the Joseon Dynasty, centering on the era’s last swordsman Park Yoon Kang who transforms into a legendary gunsman.” It airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS 2TV at 10 PM local time. 

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