Song Seung Hun Donates His Voice for an Art Exhibition Audio Guide

Hallyu star Song Seung Hun will be making a donation through his voice. He will be explaining various paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh and many other world famous artists.

Many world famous paintings such as Pablo Picasso’s “Bullfight” and Vincent Van Gogh’s “Houses at Auvers” will be exhibited for the first time in Korea. The names of the exhibits are “Picasso and Genius Painters” and “From Ingres to Picasso,” and Song Seung Hun has volunteered to participate for the audio guide.

According the sponsor of the exhibitions, they explained that, “This will be a very big exhibition as the works itself are about one trillion won (approximately 983,590,000.00 USD).  We asked Song Seung Hun to participate in the audio guide narration for this exhibition since he’s loved all over the world and since the works are by worldwide art masters. We are very happy that he decided to do it.”

Song Seung Hun’s agency expressed their thoughts about him participating in this by saying, “He is very honored to be able to explain the works of famous artists by using his voice. He also happily agreed to do it knowing that the profits will be put to good use.”

“Picasso and Genius Painters” will held from July 2 to October 9 at the Daejun Art Center. “From Ingres to Picasso” will be held from November 25 to March 12 of 2015 at the Seoul Art Center. Through this participation, Song Seung Hun is planning on donating the entire profit.

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