EXO Sheds Tears Over Group’s Hardships and Friendships on “Happy Camp”

The members of EXO couldn’t help but show their tears at the mention of their fellow member Kris (Wu Yi Fan), the hardships the group endured, and their friendships with each other.

On June 5, the members’ honest thoughts about this were revealed on the Chinese Hunan Satellite TV variety program called “Happy Camp.”

During this episode, each of the members were interviewed and it was led with the headline, “Starting off as an 11-member group.” Lay answered with, “Recently, something bad happened and it affected the members a lot.” Luhan said, “How should I say this.”

Continuing on, Tao said, “At the time, we were practicing a complicated dance and sweated a lot. After hearing that news, it was tiring. Thank you for being together as the member of EXO.” Also, Kai said, “Later on when we get older, we won’t be able to sing or dance and there’s a possibility that we won’t be popular anymore but as a member of EXO, I want to try my best.”

Members Tao and Lay who watched this video couldn’t help but show their tears. The fans that were there cried along with the members.

The MC of the show said to the members, “The members were interviewed individually so they won’t know what the other members said.” Suho said, “I’m thankful towards the member who think of each and love each other. From now on, I would like it if they would continuously trust each other and be happy.”

While crying, Lay said, “I didn’t want to cry in front the fans. It’s not easy for everyone to be together. All the times we spent together are precious. Of course there will be hard times when we’re together but if we are patient about it, then it’ll pass. We are one team.”

To wrap things up, the members were seen hugging and supporting each other. Then, they cheered themselves on by shouting, “Let’s love EXO.”

Meanwhile, Kris, the leader of EXO-M, sued SM Entertainment on May 15 regarding his contract. This episode of “Happy Camp” was recorded on June 11 and all the members, except Kris, appeared on the show.

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