Huh Gak and A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Duet Song and MV Released

Singer Huh Gak and A Pink member Jung Eun Ji’s duet song, “Break Up to Make Up,” has been released.

On July 8, the song was released through online music sites along with the full version of the music video.

“Break Up to Make Up” tells the story of couples who break up and make up several times and the honest feelings they experience. It’s a medium tempo acoustic ballad.

During May of last year, the two singers did a duet, which gained a lot of popularity. They were known as Huh Gak&Jung Eun Ji and their song, “Short Hair” tells the story of a couple who just started dating. “Break Up to Make Up” can be seen as part two of “Short Hair” since it talks about the honest feelings of couples that dated each other for a long time.

This song is a bit different from the usual duet song because Huh Gak and Jung Eun Ji sing as if they were having a conversation. Then, towards the end of the song, their harmony would come together.

“Break Up to Make Up” is the theme song of A Cube Season Song Project’s “A Cube For Season #Sky Blue.” Unlike the trendy melody of today’s songs, it brings back the 90s feel through the use of an acoustic guitar and a harmonica.

Also, the full music video has been released as well. Just like in “Short Hair,” “finger puppets” are used in this music video, continuing the story from “Short Hair.”

Check out the music video below!