Lee Kwang Soo Navigates Between Trademark Smile and Piercing Gaze in Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Actor Lee Kwang Soo showed his charismatic, yet smooth charms.

Lee Kwang Soo worked with the fashion magazine “Grazia,” where he escaped his comedic charms and transformed into a charismatic, urban male.

In the behind-the-scenes pictures for Lee Kwang Soo’s management agency, King Kong Entertainment, the actor simply looks amazing without photoshop of magazine fashion spreads. With his tall figure and good looks, he was able to perfectly express the black and white outfit he was wearing for the photo shoot. He wore a white shirt that had black patterns along with a black tie as point to his outfit. He also wore a simple jacket, perfecting a stylish suit fashion. He wore a roll-up shirt and matched it with a black vest, creating a cool and clean look.

Recently, Lee Kwang Soo played a serious role in the movie “Good Friends” and through this photo shoot, he showed off his manly charms with overflowing charismatic poses. 

lee kwang soo